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    Choosing a [Healing] Class


    With the release of the Helm's Deep expansion, my friend convinced me to try the game out. I've spent the past week leveling various classes to try and get a feel for them, but as you can imagine it's hard at lower levels to know how a class will play near the level cap. What I have decided is that I want to play one of the classes with a dedicated healing tree (Ministrel, Captain, or Rune Keeper as I'm told). With the release of Helm's Deep however, it's been hard to find any concrete information on the [newish] playstyles for higher levels.

    As for what I want to do with my character; mostly just playing with my friends. They tend to roam around duo in PvMP, and do end-game content below raiding (things that can be done in small groups). Any comments on the classes and help choosing one would be vastly appreciated.


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    You can choose either of them. The game is very solo-friendly and after HD release even easier. I recommend you to choose one of them if you like more lighting-fire sounds (RK) or music sounds (Minstrel). You will hear that a lot and I personaly quit playing Minstrel because I was annoyed of that instrument accords (sure.. you can switch instruments at least). Captain is somewhat slower leveling - close combat etc.

    RK - great both DPS and healing, fast leveling, anti-lore class, sometimes squishy if overwhelmed - this is my personal choice
    Minstrel - great both DPS and healing, lore-frinedly class, squishy if overwhelmed
    Captain - very universal, always welcomed in group-play, a little slower leveling, very sturdy because of heavy armour, you can finish some 3-men instances solo, soldier pet
    Elves - Dusreth (HNT106), Dusriel (RK105), Dusaran (WRD70), Dusraen (LM56), Dusador (GRD44),
    Mortals - Dusgar (CPT36), ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by UnknownSoldier View Post
    With the release of Helm's Deep however, it's been hard to find any concrete information on the [newish] playstyles for higher levels.
    What you choose to do is dependent on what types of support your friends need. If you are doing landscape questing together, you can safely choose a DPS spec for any character. When you are doing solo quests in a group, you'll generally go through it like a hot knife through butter so very light healing is all you'll need. All 3 of these classes have base healing skills that are available to all specs, or skills that are very low in the healing line that you can access if the base skills turn out to not be enough.

    The only exception MIGHT be Minstrel; one of the folks in Beta was of the opinion that the main healing line had enough Tactical Mastery to represent a viable solo spec. Solo specs would work well for your group in Landscape content, so if you choose Minstrel you might want to try that out.

    When your group decides to do group content, you can change your spec to a healing focused one. Each class approaches healing differently, and that hasn't changed TOTALLY in Helm's Deep. If you read the skill descriptions and think about how you typically play, you can usually tell what you'll need to change to act in a healing focus rather than your typical play style.
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