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    Lotteries When Will We Have Them Regularly?

    As the title says when will we have regular lotteries? It used to be there would be a level specific lottery running once a week for the duration of the week. Since the new forum has come into being we have only seen test lotteries and Helm's Deep Edition Giveaway lotteries. It would be nice to see this running again.

    Lottery Types We Used To Have.
    Level Specific LI Lotteries
    Welcome to the Game
    Regional Level Lotteries of varied rewards. Sometimes Lootboxes/keys/symbols
    Festival/Event Lotteries
    Pax Steed Lotteries

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    Never. Unfortunately, we are not going to get something like what we had in 2012 where there was a regular schedule. Three? days of Lotto starts.

    According to Sapience the Lotto is something that will be done occasionally when they feel like it. The "feel like it" does not occur very often. There were probably only three Lottos in the past month.

    Some people have created a Lotto notifier app so that they do not have to keep checking the Lotto page to see if it is time for another Lotto.
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    Smile Please, give us lotteries - just for fun

    Actually,I miss the old way of playing lotteries, too. They didn´t promise really valuable things, with few exceptions, just food, tobacco, fireworks or -from time to time- shop clothes. That was nothing a player really needs to suceed in the game, but it was fun - a bit like the bunch of flowers or the toffee box you get, when good friends look in for a visit. It was something nice, given from an invisible power in middle earth ( ooC: a nice gesture an an evidence of interest by Turbine). Please Sapience - if it is possible - saddle your rendeer, fetch your bag and throw something into our chimneys- ähhh postboxes.

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    It's interesting that they worked so hard to keep it, but then are doing very little with it.

    Seems like this is the issue with a lot of other parts of the game as well.

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    i was surprised too (never posted on the forums, as i rather play the game)
    if they really wanna quit without making people mad, they could also give a gift box with 2 items (1 equipment and 1 party thing or such) every month or every 2 months, based on the most used server of each account.... or let people choose 1 server where the chars get 1 box

    you know, a one time lottery, we choose our server, and those chars get such gifts every 1 or 2 months
    they could automate it, and when we change the server option, it'll be automated to that chosen server instead

    just an idea for when they wanna quit it, so they wont get complaints (not as much, at least) and people still get something to use ingame

    i'd be happy, as then i wouldnt need to worry about it, and know for sure i get something

    of course if some people dont want new items, they can turn it off

    any thoughts?

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    I am happy if we have any lotteries at all. I've been playing for a while and we didn't have anything like that for a long time.

    I get tweets about the lottery and store deals so I will know when there is one!



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