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    How to buy all housing and kinship storage with gold (not Mithril Coins)

    It is possible to pay other people to unlock your storage. You must temporarily give them Maintenance and Housing Storage permissions (Character Panel --> House --> Permissions). Before doing this, you might want to take out valuable items from storage (I did not bother and had no problems).

    I have had the best luck advertising in the low-level free zones, rather than global channels. Global channels are frequented by high-level characters whose comments inflate the price. Make sure to mention that Mithril Coins may be bought in the Store, otherwise new players may think they cannot buy your gold. For reference, I paid 500-800g per unlock, but I do not know if this will turn out to be too high or too low in the long-run, as it only encompasses 16 transactions and does not include all servers.

    On the flip side, if you are looking to buy gold (legally), advertise on your server's global channel.

    When selling gold, I suggest making sure that any potential buyer properly understands the TP conversion ratios and what it will ultimately cost them. I just received this:
    hi! that TP was $80 worth which I miscalculated earlier, so would you like to pay me more so that I don't feel cheated? I hope that wouldn't be a big problem for you
    I mean you have a kin, and it wouldn't be much money for folks if some high leveled toons donated some
    it's hard to explain how I miscalculated, I just made a blunder calculating TP
    TP into $$
    and it's going to be perfectly free will for you and your kin, I'm not gonna insist or blackmail or whatnot.
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    That's a lotta gold! I hope this doesn't contribute to an environment of gold farming . . .

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    Yeah I am very, very sceptical that this will fly with Turbine. I have a hard time thinking they'll not judge this to be Real Money Transactions...

    Sure, go ahead, at your own risk. I sure as heck won't be doing it until there's official word from Turbine that this does not constitute a breach of the CoC regarding RMT.

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    Mithril coins are not 100% real money.

    You can buy them with TP.
    You can win them from Hobbit presents.

    You can buy TP with real money.
    You can gain TP with deeds or VIP allowance.

    The mere fact alone that one can win mithril coins from Hobbit Presents and that one can buy more Hobbit Presents with mithril coins makes them not real money.

    In other words, if Turbine were to call this RMT, they would admit to Hobbit Presents being gambling for real money. Now that would open a can of Smaugs, not just worms.



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