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    any t8 relics from deconstructing legendary at level 86-95?

    Anyone know if legendary deconstruction yields any t8 relics at 86+?
    I haven't seen anything over t7, but have not deconed any at lvl 95 yet.
    If not, are there any differences in the decon profiles from lvl 95 items - like a higher chance for t7's?

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    Answering my own question...so far after decon of 6 lvl 95 items, appears to be the same as <95, just t7's max.
    From that limited set it seemed like I got more t7 than normal, but it's too small a sample size to say anything definitive.

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    Same here, T7's are the maximum i have got out of a 86-94. (Not tested with a 95'er yet.)

    I also several time only got one T7 while deconning a lev 94 at 60, so to me it rather seems to be exactly the same cash-out as on 85'ers, but i agree, the amount of data is to small to be sure yet.

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    When there is insufficient data us Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Hobbitses go by gut instinct, or feeling. My feeling is that this aspect may need a little "tweaking" in an up-coming update, possibly next Monday although there may well be lots of other things which required urgent attention that moved this down the priority list. We shall have to wait and see

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    Lots of decons of 86-94 weapons, just tier7 max.

    Gotta try some l95 ones this week-end.

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    That's bad, t8 should be the norm, with t9 optional rare. And IXP bumped, of course.



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