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    Forochel Housing

    Perhaps I'm odd, but I would really love a housing area in Forochel modeled after the Lossoth structures. In the coming housing revamp, please consider this. It's such a unique area and aesthetic, I think it would be a fun place to call home - if you don't mind the cold. Anyone else have thoughts on housing in the far north? It would be hard for lower level characters to get to, granted. But for folks like me enamored with the region I would love it.

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    Of course they should do this. I say so periodically in the big thread. They should offer housing in several higher level areas. One should be able to buy such a home using a character of sufficient level for the area. Lower level alts should probably be prohibited from exiting the housing area. I think each housing area should have houses available in the style of the area but allow placement of non-local houses for a TP cost. Thus hobbits could have a snowy hobbit home in Forochel, etc.

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    Actually, I've often said I'd like to see housing in ALL The major areas, Forochel, Rohan, Rivendell, even Angmar.

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    To get rid of the level requirement mentioned earlier, just use the already existing stable system. Each major hub can having a housing stable rather than the housing areas being actual locations in game. Treat them like the Yule Festival area; off map. Anyone can stable in from any location, but level cap the stable out routs so that if you're say, level 50, you can only stable to hubs Pre-Moria.

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    Rivendell/Lothlorien homesteads

    i think they should make Rivendell homesteads and Lothlorien. Lothlorien because could have treehouses and things like that, and Rivendell because could have houses behind waterfall or jutting next to some sort of water and maybe having a view of the Misty Mountains
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    I, too, would like to see housing in Forochel. One of my alts lives in Suri-kyla. It would be nice for her to own a house there instead of being based out of the crafting hall. I agree with the comments that housing should be available in all the major areas. For those who think Angmar is a weird idea, I have an alt that I plan to base out of Aughaire because she plans to continue aiding the people there.

    But first, we need the ability to buy more than one house per account per server.



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