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    Skill Points from HD Quests

    I apologize if this has been posted..

    Since some skill points are tied directly to completion of the HD quest-chains in the five main areas.. I was wondering if someone has compiled a list of all the quests for those of us who accidentally miss a small chain or a landscape quest.

    I have 64 skillpoints of 65 total.

    I do not know what quest I am missing over this sizeable area.

    Any assistance appreciated.

    Some call me Ice

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    The following COMPLETED Quest Log and quests: the link at the bottom may help I have no idea.


    Level 88 – The Road to Dunharrow


    Level 89 – All Roads Lead Back to Aldburg


    Level 91 – The Broadacres Betrayed


    Level 94 – To Helm’s Deep


    Level 93 - Woodhurst has Fallen


    Some call me Ice

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    The 5 skill points form HD quests are as follows;

    Eastfold: All Roads Lead to Aldburg - After beating the Boar tribe Orcs.
    Kingstead: The Road to Dunharrow - After moving Eorslad's residents to Dunharrow.
    Broadacres: The Broadacres Betrayed - After retaking Stoke from its usurper.
    Stonedeans: Woodhurst Has Fallen - After retaking Woodhurst from its invaders.
    Westfold: To Helm's Deep - After rescuing Grimbold from the Fords of Isen.

    If you've completed those 5 quests, then your missing skill point is from elsewhere. Possibly from the Legendary Trait quests/deeds or a Class quest.



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