Hi there

I'm having a bit of an issue with Lotro since Update 12 was released, so much so it is now getting unplayable. The issue is the game has become very glitchy, constant freezing and stuttering where before Update 12 was released the game (whilst not perfect) was acceptable and smooth with only infrequent minor stutters at the High graphics setting. I've recently made it to Rohan and today just riding down into Langhold I was only getting about 1-2 frames per second with the graphics on the lowest setting. Imagine trying mounted combat at 1 fps!

I also have a Windows 8 bootcamp partition on the same Mac so I thought I'd try the Windows version of the game which worked perfectly so it is definitely not down to the hardware. Whilst yes I could continue using the Windows partition to play Lotro I would really prefer not to as I have all my other services (email / music etc) set up on the Mac and it is a pain to have to reboot in and out of Windows just for some gameplay.

Is anyone else having issues with the Mac version of Lotro since Update 12?


2011 Mac Mini
Dual Core i5 2.3ghz
8gb ram / 512mb HD3000