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    Western Rohan task items

    Where do you start picking up the task items listed on the task boards of Western Rohan? So far I am still getting the same items I got in Eastern Rohan.

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    I believe the Eolingas items from form lvl 89-92 mobs and Helmingas items from from 93-95 mobs.

    Ornate ears
    Thin wings
    Glittering sword sheath
    rough skins
    shattered daggers
    Tattered furs

    Clipped wings
    Pitted sword sheaths
    Torn skins
    Shattered hatchets
    Damaged furs
    Clipped ears

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    AFAIR task items start dropping in Broadacres for Eorlingas rep and Stonedeans rep for Helmingas. Note that you won't need much extra tasks handouts beside normal/epic quests to reach max rep with either faction. So, no need to worry much about that.

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    Thanks very much to both of you.



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