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Thread: Skills location

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    Skills location

    With the new trait trees and skills, is there a way to say as a hunter for example have a "red" trait skill bar. Have all my skills where i want them when using a red trait tree.

    And when i switch to yellow and then back to red, have the skills remember where they were placed instead of being placed one after another?

    To be more clear....

    quick shot, barbed arrow, swift shot in spots 1, 2, 3

    but right above them i put my traps in a line for my yellow tree.

    If i switch away from yellow and return my traps do not remain in that spot above my first 3 skills.

    Switching from defensive/offensive quickbar does not work either.

    The warsteed skills remain in their spot when getting off of your warsteed and getting back on, i will be fine if the whole quickbar changes with each trait tree/spec you have.

    Have 1-3 or however many trat specs you have bought, along with your warsteed quickslots.

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    You have to wait for an update to the game that fixes this issue.
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    is it an issue that has been brought up and is on the table to be changed or just a suggestion?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GozmitJosh View Post
    is it an issue that has been brought up and is on the table to be changed or just a suggestion?
    It has been brought up and I believe Sapience stated it's not working as intended and that they do not know if it will be fixed in the 12.1 update or not due to the trouble it's giving them.

    Found it:
    Quote Originally Posted by Sapience View Post
    We're aware of the issue (and it is an issue, this is not working as intended) and looking at ways to resolve it. We don't have an ETA at this time, but it's probably not something that can be addressed in time for 12.1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GozmitJosh View Post
    is it an issue that has been brought up and is on the table to be changed or just a suggestion?


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    As I understand it, yes, you are supposed to have "save this combination" slots, and can switch between them out of combat (only).

    By default, you are supposed to have 2 slots, but can buy more w/ TP (or MC, or whatever) similar to buying additional Cosmetic Outfit slots.

    As I understand it.

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    Thank you for the responses,

    im glad to hear this is a known issue and being looked at, as of right now im limited to a single spec.

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    It's definitely a known issue, and has been reported since early in Beta. (And I'd guess earlier than that.) It seems to be a problem they're having trouble fixing so while they've said it's definitely a bug, they haven't yet said they've found a fix for it. We'll all just have to hang in there. Check the boards; some people have been posting the workaround that they use.

    I find the problem doesn't happen much if you place the skills that you have outside of the spec in the same place all the time. If you are at/near level cap (I think this should work for everyone 75+) is:

    • Start without a spec
    • Put all your current skills where you want them to be in ALL specs (This may take some planning.)
    • Select your spec
    • Place the new skill(s) that the spec just gave you
    • Spend your points and click Apply
    • Do not close the window. Put all your new skills where you want them to be.
    • Close the window

    Optionally, you could choose another unsaved trait tree tab and repeat.

    I find if I do it this way then the skill stay where I put them. Now, I'm a Captain so this may vary for other classes.
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