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    Unlocking quests

    Should I unlock the quests from different areas via lotro store - or should I buy the expansion packs? Will those unlock all quests as well?


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    which "different areas" are you talking about?

    Being VIP would get you access to all non-expansion zones; All of SoA, Lothlorien (60), Enedwaith (60-65), Great River (70-75) and wildermore (?80-85?).
    Each of these zones can be purchased for non-VIPs in the LotrRO Store via TP.

    The 5 expansions are Moria, Mirkwood, Isengard, Rohan and Helm's Deep. You can either buy in the LotRO Store via TP, or from the Turbine site for cash.

    Keep in mind, in the LotRO Store, Moria, Isengard and Rohan have 'quest-pack' purchases that are cheaper than their 'expansion' version, but have less in them.
    • Moria's quest-pack doesn't include the 2 locked classes or additional character slots.
    • Isengard's quest-pack doesn't include the instances.
    • Rohan's quest-pack doesn't include the instances.

    Mirkwood doesn't have a quest-pack variant because it's much smaller than the other expansions. Helm's Deep doesn't have a quest-pack variant (presumably) because they want you to get the full expansion.

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    Go VIP

    The prices for all quest packs/expansions are the same whether you pay with TP earned or cash. Mirkwood for example is I think 995TP = $9.95. Go VIP to unlock all areas through Eregion, otherwise you have to buy the quest packs for each area separately. There is a difference between quest packs and expansions. Quest packs cover the early part of the game and before you arrive at Moria. Can't remember which expansion/quest pack Enedwaith is linked to. After that, you would have to buy either with cash or TP the following expansions: Mines of Moria, Mirkwood, Rise of Isengard, Riders of Rohan and Helms Deep as you level up. With VIP you also get Great River with purchase of RoI and Wildermore with purchase of RoR and 500 free TP per month. Not sure if the option to buy 3 months of VIP for $10 per month instead of $15 per month is still available. Or, you can just go F2p as long as you don't mind the restrictions such as gold cap, only two character slots and a few other things. You can downgrade to Premium from VIP too without losing too much. Totally up to you, so whichever you choose enjoy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crimwald View Post
    Should I unlock the quests from different areas via lotro store - or should I buy the expansion packs? Will those unlock all quests as well?
    As long as you are not VIP, there isn't any difference. "Unlock the quests for an area" means exactly the same thing as "buy the quest pack for a zone"... and "buy the quest pack for a zone" means "buy an expansion pack" when the zone is an expansion zone. The expansion zones are Moria, Mirkwood, Isengard, Rohan, and Helm's Deep.

    Some "expansion packs" are supersets. For example, the full Moria expansion includes not only the quests, but also the RK and Warden classes, two character slots, and some other stuff. You can choose to buy only the Moria quests and do without the rest of it.

    Other "expansion packs" are just the quests. The Mirkwood expansion quest pack doesn't fit into any superset.

    Sometimes non-expansions are in a package. The "Steely Dawn" package includes the Evendim quest pack, though it's not an expansion.

    Tell us what areas you are interested in, and we'll tell you your options on how to buy it.
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    Also, some expansions give you additional levels for Your skirmish soldier.
    Thank you, Turbine, for listening and giving us an opt-out of FE! Good work!



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