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    Can't Access War Steed cosmetics.

    This is at least day 2 of the problem A couple days ago I was able to access war steeds> appearances > (several different things here) This is no longer the case. I want desperately to purchase some items for my war steed but the store refuses to show me the content. I've had my husband and friends check and theirs are down too. We are all getting the white text that says this area of the store has nothing for you. I can't seem to find any info on this problem, no notes, or patch notes or anything. I would be very grateful for some help please?

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    What level is the character you are searching the store with?

    What's the full error message that you're getting?

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    I can confirm this too. My main (Level 95 Hunter) was trying to browse the warsteed cosmetic sets (since I believe the Marauder set is currently on sale) and I get the same error - that there is nothing available for my character. This despite the fact that I've never purchased any of the "basic" warsteed cosmetic bundles from the last expansion - they don't appear as available either.
    [CENTER][color=yellow]BRAITHIR[/color] - Elf Hunter (Explorer/Tailor) * [color=yellow]GLAMWYN[/color] - Man Champion (Armsman/Weaponsmith) * [color=yellow]GORBODOC[/color] - Hobbit Minstrel (Yeoman/Cook)
    [color=yellow]GRIMHAF[/color] - Dwarf Guardian (Armourer/Metalsmith) * [color=yellow]MORDENUS[/color] - Man Captain (Historian/Scholar) * [color=yellow]SABELTAN[/color] - Man Burglar (Tinker/Jeweller)[/CENTER]

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    With all the re-organizing of the navigation that we did, the war-steed apparences wondered off. They are still there! Searching them by name should help. We'll see to it that these get back into the proper category over the next few days.

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    Thank you so much for answering! My husband and I both want to make war steed purchases and are "chomping at the bit" to do so! I can't seem to find a list of item names otherwise I would search by name. I hope it is fixed very soon, there were some awesome things in there as I recall from the one day I could see them lol.

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    The category is now populated! Thanks for your patience.



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