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    Re: Greetings, from Strayhold

    Howdy, I have grouped with a few of your Kin, and like that yall group together.
    I have talked to them about joining Strayhold, and they mentioned yalls forum, witch I have applied at, and to talk to Blackhawk, keep missing you.
    So if you don't mind i will send ya an in-game letter.
    Toons name is Isingrim lvl 64 (and a half) Mini

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    Re: Greetings, from Strayhold

    Quote Originally Posted by Zaenon View Post
    Howdy, I have grouped with a few of your Kin, and like that yall group together.
    I have talked to them about joining Strayhold, and they mentioned yalls forum, witch I have applied at, and to talk to Blackhawk, keep missing you.
    So if you don't mind i will send ya an in-game letter.
    Toons name is Isingrim lvl 64 (and a half) Mini
    Welcome to Silverlode. You seem like a nice, sensible and decent individual, rationally deducing which kinship might be your best fit. I'm sorry, but this kind of chicanery will not be tolerated. Strike one.

    Please make your way to our forums where your thoughts, feelings, emotions and hunger pangs will be analyzed and laid bare as they relate to Hobbits, grits and goats. Strikes 2-4 await you. It is likely you will be mocked and ridiculed, and left a sobbing, emo mess. However, only the worst are forced to group with me. You have been warned.

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    Re: Greetings, from Strayhold

    We have been roasting Hobbits with abandon and sealing cracks in our Elven homestead with grits - the proper and best sealant.

    Nearly all of our raids are Open, in that any who wish to join simply have to sign up. First come, first served, always - if you are on the sign up sheet, you won't be bumped, Stray or non-Stray alike. Don't be late though.

    Check out our forums, they are quite active and most of our members are serious forum trolls - er, I mean, Forum Observationists and Valued Contributory Members.

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    Thumbs down Re: Greetings, from Strayhold

    Registered to your web site forums today under the name of Zarion. Hope to hear from you soon

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    Re: Greetings, from Strayhold

    You folks are nuts! (compliment ) Was good seeing you guys messing around in chat tonight in the shire - fun stuff.

    [SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkOrange]"[I]… kittens give Morbo gas. In lighter news, the city of New New York is doomed.[/I]"[/COLOR][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=1][COLOR=Red]- Morbo the Annihilator[/COLOR]

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    Re: Greetings, from Strayhold

    Thanks - we were just being silly all night. The ghost hand smackdown is hysterical.

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    Fresno, CA.

    Re: Greetings, from Strayhold

    An enjoyable group for sure! Even if you aren't looking for a kin, swing by the forums and enjoy some "quality" threads!

    Mule Frothbeard, Jolly Guardian and Joyful HalfPint, Song-Singer of Strayhold

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    Re: Greetings, from Strayhold

    We just completed another escorted run to Rivendell for 5 people on the chicken quests - 100% survival rate!

    Aside from that, we offer nightly grouping, and kinchat worthy of a belly laugh each night.

    Our kinship forums are just as fun: usually numerous threads are going at once to tickle your funny bone. No not that one. The other one. The one that makes you laugh.

    Anyway, come say hello, apply, or just make fun of the Strays. The sun never sets on Strayhold.

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    Re: Greetings, from Strayhold

    We are still accepting applications. Might never close 'em. Just so you know.

    We have a widely varied group of individuals, who all share a common goal of Making Strayhold Fun. We generally succeed.

    Check out our forums as http://kinship.strayhold.com to see what we are about. Even if you don't join, it's worth a visit to the best LotRO Kinship website on this planet or any other.

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    Re: Greetings, from Strayhold

    And now, and now -

    *wait for it*

    We have a printable version of the Offline Roster. So you scalawags who hate the internets can print a nice one sheet roster to peruse, when you are wondering "who is that? is that an alt? is it a hobbit? Does it taste delicious?"


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    Re: Greetings, from Strayhold

    Greetings again, from your Flealess Leader. Or, if you are not in Strayhold, just this random captain saying "Hail".

    We are still accepting applications; we do have a lot to offer. I imagine that once the next patch hits, we will shut down applications for a few months at the least, so now is the time to Strayify if ever you wanted to.

    High-end fellowship maneuvers and flexibility with avatars to attend raids has always been a main focus of Raiding in Strayhold. For us, raiding has always been a priority, but it has been backburnered for a long while (too long?) due to Radiance.

    With the next patch, and its associated Death of Radiance, no longer.

    We will again be able to fill raids without the need to burnout on rad grinding. FMs will again scale to 65 (and have some new effects too). In essence, what made raiding GREAT in Strayhold, is being made relevant again after the patch "Echoes of the Dead".

    We don't just raid, though. There is a lot more to being Stray than that. We PVP, skirmish, group, instance-own, and craft. We freeze tag and horse race. We forum troll our own boards, which are among the most active in all of LotRO. Our message board is unique across all of LotRO. You won't find what we have anywhere else.

    So, even if you have zero desire to join, come visit. Zillions of hysterical threads await you for your enjoyment. You will find that just hanging out with us is fun; joining is even fun...ner? Stupid English.

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    Re: Greetings, from Strayhold

    I am seeing a lot of new players on Silverlode. Welcome!

    Strayhold is accepting applications for membership. We have a very stable membership and officer corp - most officers have been around since Beta, and most are also lifetime subscribers. This is not a fly-by-night operation.

    Well, perhaps it is by the late hours we play sometimes. Heh. The sun never sets on the Strayhold Empire.

    Give us a look at http://kinship.strayhold.com where you will find a vibrant community of players, in and out of kinship, and a wealth of fun even if you never join. You won't be sad you did! We offer things no other kinship offers in all of LotRO. Come check us out, or find us in game. Always ready to do a group.

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    Re: Greetings, from Strayhold

    I've been a Strayholdian since 2008, and I'd strongly encourage folks looking for a gaming home on Silverlode server to check us out. We've got a very impressively stable long-term core in the kin, many of whom have been around since launch or shortly thereafter.

    There's all sorts in the Kingdom o' Strayhold, from very dedicated players with multiple 65s to casual players. We group a lot in-kin, and run all sorts of different stuff. I actually moved all my toons to Silverlode from another server in order to join the kin, and have never regretted it. A more fun, laid back, and funny group of folks you'd be hard pressed to find in any group of players in any MMO, period.

    So if you're looking for a kin, I'd encourage you to check out our kin website, maybe join in a group or two. Enjoy your travels in Middle-Earth!
    Player of Netherlad
    Strayhold Kinship
    Landroval Server

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    Re: Greetings, from Strayhold

    I too have been a Stray since 2008, Im proud to be one and could not be happier with them. Although I am on a unexpected life break from Lotro, I can't wait to return to my fellow strays.

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    Re: Greetings, from Strayhold

    I've been a Stray since 2007 and am glad of it. I've been MMORPGing for many years, belonging to all kinds of guilds, from insanely high achievers (WoW), to devout role players (I, a guy, successfully played a woman in a Lesbian guild in AO: you could do that in the era before headsets), to casual social guilds. Strayhold is the best of the lot, if camaraderie, teamwork, and light-hearted fun is what you want. You can always find a mate to help you finish that quest or chalk up that otherwise boring deed, or boost you to the next level of craftsmanship. We occasionally take on a difficult boss, staying with it for weeks until we master the encounter. You can probably find what you want playing with us.

    Our leader is so good we don't mind his getting us killed regularly: besides, in a raid, he often pays our repair costs, which is only fair, considering. Seriously, he makes good things happen.

    Check us out!

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    Re: Greetings, from Strayhold

    Hi, I'm normally called Isil, but also Isi; Izzy and Hey You! I've been with Strayhold for well over four years now and would not even consider changing. These folks have been there for the good times (and there have been plenty of those largely due to fellow Strays) and through the tough times (most of us have had RL problems crop up and it was very helpful to know that our friends in Strayhold were there for us, offering sympathy or advice or just an ear). I consider each member as part of my extended family and fervently hope we can continue for a long time to come. Come visit our website and view the chaos!


    (psst, hey Fearless Leader, do I get my cookie now?)
    Isiliel, Elf Lore-Master ~ Malela, Human Hunter ~ Jerandir, Human Captain ~ Nesme, Human Minstrel ~ Aelwan, Human Warden ~ Gripe, Dwarf Rune-Keeper ~ Calena, Hobbit Burglar~Oblio, Dwarf Champion ~ Aiwe, Elf Rune-Keeper ~ all on Silverlode ~Very proud member of Strayhold & wearer of TSK quality Tshirts

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    Re: Greetings, from Strayhold

    Quote Originally Posted by Isil0320 View Post
    (psst, hey Fearless Leader, do I get my cookie now?)
    Yes you can haz cookie. But I eated it.

    We are still accepting new members. Feel free to check us out, even if you don't wish to join; most of our events are open, so anyone can sign up (you just have to have a forum account on our msg board). I virtually guarantee you will have a good time!*

    Seeya soon.

    *Virtually since this is a virtual game.

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    Re: Greetings, from Strayhold

    Crafting Orders are Live. Come take a look! Strays can create Crafting Orders for in game, and Strays can take them to completion.

    Ranks right up there with the Offline Roster on the coolmeter.

    Soon, we'll let the Teeming Millions create Crafting Orders for Strays to complete. But for now... you have to be in the Kinship to benefit. But, all can still take a look!


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    Re: Greetings, from Strayhold

    Five Years, Today. Hello Silverlode!

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    Re: Greetings, from Strayhold

    Strayhold holds most of our raids as Open: anyone can join, as long as you sign up on our EVENTS sign up link at the top of our forum. It is way easy to do. Simply register at our msg board, and you can sign up.

    For these open events/raids, we do not kick people in favor of kinmates either, ever: if you sign up, you get to go, as long as you are on-time. (i.e. 1 minute late, and you can be replaced... That goes for me too, as kinleader!).

    Feel free to stop by and register: you will find a plethora of interesting stuff. Some of the stuff we offer is unique to Strayhold, even as compared to all other kinships across worlds.

    Oh, and the members are cool too.

    Stop by, register, and have a bit of fun at our expense. We don't mind.

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    Choose STRAYHOLD: what we lack in quality, we make up in quantity!

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    Strayhold has implemented a new Raid: The Vanguard™ as we call it. It isn't a STATIC raid, and it's not FLUID... The best way to describe it is, maybe, viscous. What we implemented was the result of many hours of deliberation of the Officers, to make sure it will be fun for everyone... Even the people who aren't in it.

    We really have done the impossible: we made a static raid that isn't elitist, which is the death knell of any family-oriented kinship.

    It's a beautiful site too, and looks great on mobile.

    Feel free to check it out: http://kinship.strayhold.com/Vanguard.php

    It is something to behold

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    I have a pretty sweet van in need of guarding. Where do I go on the site to hire you guys?

    Ulver - 85 Runekeeper | Grevling - 85 Burglar

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    We have an extremely cool new landing page. Check it out:


    Thanks to Tornwyn for the graphic design work, and Heilxx for the amazing video. Looks good on mobile too.


    "....I can see the light in the distance trembling in the dark cloak of night..."


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    Oct 2010
    Joined this Kin back in May, and I have enjoyed my time with everyone so far, looking forward to many more months raiding, crafting, and having fun with everyone!

    This is Kilarus btw, haven't updated my Signature :P
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