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    Greetings, from Strayhold

    I am Blackhawk, the Leader of Strayhold. I wish to inform you about our guild, and perhaps, chat in game if you like.

    Strayhold is a guild here on Silverlode... You may have seen some of our members in game: Sheherazade, Andring, Rahne and Glasja, among others. I hope your encounters with them have been as enjoyable in passing as mine are daily.

    On the old forums, you may have known me as Imzakhor, and I was espousing running a permadeath guild named Elder Servitor. Well, with the introduction of "nobody ever dies" idea, there was no real reason to continue this train of thought. Even so, we decided to create a guild, and Strayhold is it.

    Aside from our friendships and adventures, we are a guild that shuns the auction hall as a method for gearing up our players. Purchasing ore in the AH is encouraged; purchasing Awesome_Axe_01 is severely discouraged.

    *31May2009 Edit: due to some changes in LotRO, usage of the Auction Hall to purchase gear is now officially sanctioned in Strayhold, and actively encouraged. Please visit our site for a more detailed explanation of this change to Strayhold Policy.*

    That is all for now, thank you for reading. I am not really looking to 'recruit' members here, just inform those of you on our server who we are, and what we are about. We will always remain a smallish guild, hoping to eventually retain a core of 30-35 players is a goal.

    More than that, I hope to enjoy LotRO as much as I have always enjoyed Middle-earth, in all its forms.

    Please, visit our website at http://kinship.strayhold.com, where we have forums dedicated to this wonderful game.

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