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    Corsairs of the Crimson Dawn (A NEW, dark RP Kin)


    http://corsairsofthecrimsondawn.guil...php?gid=527793 UNDER CONSTRUCTION


    The ship rocked over the coursing tide, the frame of the heavy beast playing up the waves as it slowly rolled to shore. The dawn light struggled to pierce through the heavy drapery that hung over dirty windows obscuring the outside world from what was happening below...Floorboards creaked with hasty steps, dust swirling in the wakes of the passerby's. Trays laden with grapes and wine were balanced by the scullery maids as they weaved their course through the sleeping deck hands whose boots were propped on the nearby kegs, mugs suspended in the air as their drool pooled at the necks of their scruffy shirts. Somewhere a rat squealed in its junket of breakfast.

    Before the sun would fully rise, the dock would spill scurrying passengers, the front of the boat house would be encumbered by barrels and crates, its labels wearing...worked raw by the age and the mists of the seas. Horizons would be obscured by iron clad, and those in rags alike...as they'd mingle in their preliminaries, thrusting hands in greeting and in command.

    This is not the first time their shoes would strike dry earth, toes sinking in the mud of the recent rains. A parchment would be laid out in the command room, its edges fraying...handwritings covering its frames. Lines would be drawn through towns, deeming them unnecessary of their visits, but a few would be circled and dotted through...pointing out different structures and roads. And slowly...a plan would hitch in place.

    Thirst of coin.....

    Winds would caress dry lips of the few on the caravan headed North. A flask would be passed around, coating their pouts in a much needed respite. The one seated above the rest would aid in pulling on the reigns. A slow curling smoke would escape from the hooded mouth, a pipe dangling from lips as they'd part in utterance:


    The horse would jerk, spurring its hind legs as the last rays of the dying sun would glint off the redbrick rooftops, lighting the town aflame.
    A gate loomed into view.

    They have arrived....



    What are we?....

    Close friends seeking to start up a new dark RP/organized crime kinship. Looking for likeminded people to enrich the experience and branch out our storylines. We seek quality RPers who are open-minded and are excited about this new opportunity in our ever-changing world. We are a BRAND NEW kin, looking to build from the ground up and establish ourselves within the community which we hope...will be welcoming.

    I myself, am a seasoned RPer who has taken an extended break, but has been with Lotro since launch. I know and love this game, and wish to reenter its scene which has been so kind to me in the past.
    Wish to join our ranks?

    What to expect

    - Be prepared to dive right in. We seek to be immersive, exploring all parts of our story and helping you progress in your own. We want to build upon our foundation by exploring the lands surrounding Bree and the town itself, engaging the surroundings while building our legacy.

    - Yes, we did come here on our ship and yes, we are lawless and crude. But no one is without personality and depth. if you think you will be running around town carving people up senselessly, that is not what we seek to do. We wish to plant ourselves within the normal folk, learning about their lives and mapping theirs steps. Where there is opportunity there is gain, we only force blade when deeming fruitful.

    - It is all for profit. We will not act without reason.

    - It is not all about the dark RP. Even though we aim to be criminal, some jobs we offer within the ranks do not have to be cut and dry. If your character seeks a well-paying job and wishes to mingle and only graze the surface of what we are, we can offer small jobs that has to do with exploring within the town and reporting back on minor activities.

    - Wish to try the darker of what we offer? We will include you into our twisted plots, where you will be rewarded with getting to know each of our main characters closely, imbedding yourself into our exclusive ranks.

    -We want to take the RP through the lands of Bree and beyond. There are many parts of the surrounding lands that will serve in our journeys. Join us on our caravan rides through the fields and establishing new footholds.

    -We wish to be as inclusive as possible. Indulging in random RP and planned plots alike.

    Sounds like something you may wish to try? We understand this is not for everyone. But if you want a different, quality RP experience deviating from what you're used to, feel free to partake in a few trial gatherings.

    There will be an IC meeting as a form of initiation of a meet and greet. Nothing major, just to see if your character would be a good fit.

    Need an in? There will be posters strewn about town advertising for hire. You may inquire about being our merchant, jail house worker, a courtesan, a deck hand, a body guard or something else of your ideas.

    Wish to remain in your kin but partake in our story?

    - We believe the people make the experience. Whether you'd like to join us, or perhaps organize an opposition, we are here to find good RP. Even though we are looking for members, we can also partake in mingling with your kin or groups if you are open to it.

    -Bored of your monotonous routine and want to shake things up for your character to add some excitement? We seek to organize events, trade 'goods' , be swords for hire, be your foe or friend. Whichever role your wish to play, let us know and we can organize something.

    For further inquiries, respond to thread.

    To join the kin, send a game mail or a tell to Khallida or Bramma.
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    Khallida Hester.
    "We are living sprout from Mirth, let the Blood be our Sea"


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    Khallida Hester.
    "We are living sprout from Mirth, let the Blood be our Sea"


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    Thank you to everyone that has shown interest via game due to reading this post!

    The best way for us to see how you would fit in with us (be it an ally or member), is to approach one of our members head on. Just strike up a conversation...we are welcoming to everyone who would like to RP, as we wish to give folks a different and fun experience, even though the demeanor and build of the kinship may not suggest so.

    Send game tells to Khallida, Bramma and Ragdir.

    Looking forward to gaining more new and interesting members and prospects!

    Khallida Hester.
    "We are living sprout from Mirth, let the Blood be our Sea"




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