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    Quest item response time?

    /rant on

    OK, as a player that likes to multibox, and pays for the subscriptions and expansions to do so, I am again disappointed in the coding for so many quests in this expansion. So many Items, NPC's etc.. disappear after one Character interacts/uses/picks up the item, and then the respawn time is interminably long. I have been sitting at a haystack to loot Drytwald's ring for over 10 minutes now, waiting for another character to be able to loot it.

    I do not understand why, when you have the technology to either make one loot of an item credit the entire fellowship, or make the item available regardless of others looting it, your quest designers, (Who still annoy the heck out of me by making me a damned courier or rat killer), continue to do this sort of thing.\

    /rant off

    Other than that I am enjoying the quest lines and how they all tie together.

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    I had this problem too, but found out there is 3 haystacks in the village, my ring was in a different haystack.

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    I agree!

    I don't multibox, but I often quest with friends and it's a continuing annoyance either to have to wait around for something to respawn, or to have to find twice as many separate spawns.

    In fact, why should there be any delay in the respawn of quest items? Especially in new areas, there are going to be times when more than one person is working on the same quest and now that we don't have to compete for kills, why do we still have to compete for spawns of quest items?

    Surely, the delay serves no more purpose than annoying players and that's never a good thing.

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    I frequently quest with a friend as well. In fact, we often level a duo with complimentary skills that we only play with each other, ensuring that they're on the same quests at the same time. For us it isn't so much the respawn of items that's irksome, or the need to kill two sets of mobs, but the irregularity of whether we can enter quest instances together. Sometimes we can, sometimes we can't, and now in HD there have been a couple of times where we can enter together but we don't both get credit for quest completion, thus making one of us do the instance again and effectively negating the time-saving aspect of entering the instance together. Rawr!
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    Just to make this quest a little easier for the rest, the ring is at 66.6 (Intended? :P) S, 57.8 W near the stable-master.

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    Quote Originally Posted by unip0pcorn View Post
    Just to make this quest a little easier for the rest, the ring is at 66.6 (Intended? :P) S, 57.8 W near the stable-master.
    Actually, there isn't any one spot to find the ring. iirc, there are three, maybe four, spots it could be.

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    While there are certainly times in which this is a problem for group questing, this particular problem actually isn't a problem at all. There are numerous haystacks in that town and the ring does indeed move from one haystack to another. Respawn time seems to be quick from what my questing buddy and I have experienced.
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