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    UI Help with crits, buffs and debuffs?

    My QK burg played enough like other MMOs that I was fine solo leveling pre-HD. Trying gambler and am a bit puzzled.

    Is there a resource I should read about the UI? How can I tell that I had a crit; addon recommendation? scrolling combat text? learning what a spinning red die over someone's head means? Marque around a quickbar item?

    I feel I am missing some extremely basic info about handling crit changes and any help would be appreciated!

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    the best way to know you crit would be the crit chain skills opening up, this skills should also light up a little around there box.

    you should also get a little sound when you crit, although I'm not sure this is an option or not.
    Check in combat options -> Enable combat partial response indicators

    hopefully that should help without the need of plugins.
    if you want plugins for burg I'd suggest asking in the burglar section as I'm sure you'll get a better responce



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