New small friendly Kin looking for new members mainly in Europe. We use teamspeak and talk regularly on there were just interested in having a fun time and enjoying the game, in my experience the a kin isnt just about doing raid constantly and being the best its about finding people you want to continue playing with all the time and can go off and do anything with regardless of how many times you have done it. That is why I am not writing this asking you to join a kin but to join a teamspeak server and have a laugh with us to join in the fun. I feel confident enough that people will enjoy us and want to stay a part of it when they experience it rather then walking away. I will give everyone I one week trial when they join the teamspeak if they want to and from there we will discuss after how to continue with you and whether you want to a part of the family that is international premier.

The teamspeak address is internationalpremier.guildts.c om:7625 see you all soon I hope if you haven't downloaded teamspeak you can download it here make sure to download the client not the server. Any Questions please contact halbaras in game.