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    Because cappies are just now the new fotm/y class. Burgs no matter what expansion have always been good and a pain in the ### for all creeps.
    I don't care what burgs were, I have eyes ive seen what burgs can do, I have one myself, my point is cappies deserved a boost solowise and all haters can suck it! Way too much fun being invincible minus the power issue not arguing whether its op, cheap, or ridiculous just stating its way too fun to laugh in so many creeps faces XD Def expecting a nerf... If turbine cant simply follow thru with something so blatantly obvious they are more dull to the senses of perception than Helen Keller. Any cappy running LOM in the moors atm is an easy moding POS and im the biggest one Gotta get my fill before the nerf lol
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