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    Fun last night :)


    Had a blast yesterday in the moors with you guys. Have you ever turned around in the moors and say to yourself "I am so F***ED!" Lol, I remember, I think, it was Rannafur who lead me out of the moors with Mazerine, not to far from Grams. I turn around to see Zedred and his raid leading their horses directly at me. HAhA, lol I had enough time to hit evade and then see welcome to the Moors NOB message flash .

    I know at times it can get frustrating on both sides. However, its much better than logging on to the moors only to find there is no opposing side and really no mvp at all to do.

    There are times I have felt unstoppable yesterday, and then there are times where I felt like freep fodder Thanks to you all for making my past time Gaming rather than watching TV a blast. Even though I clearly not the best player out there I give 100% regardless which side I play on. Though right now I am slacking on my freeps .

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    The good thing about last night was that neither side quit when the going got tough. Both sides had times when they were getting rolled by the opposition but managed to re-arrange groups or get more people to put up a fight. It went from GV camp to Grams camp to TR fight to Grams camp again. Unfortunately there wasn't a time when both sides were evenly matched.

    Ours is a small server with a very low PvP population. I doubt it will change any time soon. But for now there is just enough to keep it going. Hopefully with the lack of new raids we will have more people try PvP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aelso View Post
    Have you ever turned around in the moors and say to yourself "I am so F***ED!"
    All the freakin time.



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