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    Exclamation Warden LI damage Type Moria and Above

    I am a recent warden at level 50. And i am ask what damage type should i equip my legendaries weaponds to get best perform in moria.


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    In general, any damage type but common. Beleriand is supposed to be slightly better against orcs, but anything other than common should work pretty well.

    Even common will work well enough for you through Moria solo content - though there might be an occasional mob with high common mitigation, most mobs have low mitigations overall until you reach HD (as I've noticed levelling my LM lately - the pets are mostly stuck with common damage, so it really stands out). If you do group content also try for any damage type except common, mobs in group instances tend to have higher mitigation.

    If you want to go deep in Sarnur (Thorin's hall rep dungeon, level ~47 mobs) you will need ancient dwarf damage as the mobs there have a buff limiting everything but ancient dwarf.
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    When you first get your LI, I always get them at lvl 45, I choose Ancient Dwarf damage, so I can farm TH rep in Sarnur to get a Goat mount ready for when you start in Moria.

    In Dolen View, there's a lvl 54 daily instance that awards an Ancient Dwarf damage title and a lvl 57 daily instance that awards a Westernesse damage title. While those instances are solo, there's a lvl 60 small-fellowship daily instance at Echad Dunnan in Eregion that awards a Beleriand damage title.

    Now, as stated above, in Moria it generally doesn't matter what damage type your weapon is, just as long as it's not common. Since common is the most resisted damage type.

    However, when you go to enter Mirkwood, it's wise to get a Beleriand damage title, some are able to be bartered for in Lothlorien and Mirkwood, since the Cargul and other dead will reflect non-Beleriand damage.

    Then, in Galtrev there's a lvl 75 daily instance that awards a Beleriand damage title. And, in Hytbold, all you have to do it get to Ally with the Norcrofts so you can rebuild the Library and Superior Study so that you can open up the lvl 85 daily crafting isntance that awards an improved version of the Galtrev Beleriand damage title. There's a third version of the Beleriand damage title that's bartered for in the Entwood, but since it costs so many tokens, it's not worth the effort.



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