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Thread: HD Moors

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    Ha ha don't worry freeps will be back to being able to handle 1v10 soon and they can feel good about themselves again.
    This is and has been Turbine's policy for years. They use the moors to keep good paying freeps around between expansions, the expansions are continually dumbed down so the monster players have to be easy mode for freeps also. They give creeps a 1-2 month time of "superiority" where they can actually fight to keep stupid people like me around to use as freep fodder later. I realize I shoulda quit this game a year earlier than I did but oh-well. I don't see anything ever changing for Lotro pvmp it is working as intended and they don't have any plans to change it. That is why it is dead.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TroyW View Post
    and they don't have any plans to change it
    Wargs always seem to know something I don't...


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