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    Cool Kinship Event: {Heroes of Valar} HORSE RACE!!! FROM: BREE to RIVENDELL!

    Hey guys Philiusa here! Do you hear that....trumpets...fireworks.. .what are they for? Oh that's right! Heroes of Valar is hosting a horse race from Bree town South-gate all the way down to Rivendell's Homely House! Prizes will be symbols from levels 75 to 100! Event will be taking place on September 27th 3pm (Eastern time)! Here are the rules for the race!

    - Warsteeds are a big NO NO! Seen using one your out of the race
    -If you are seen out of bounds of the race path over 20secs you will be disqualified
    -Mounts you can use can only be up to 62% speed any other mounts higher then that speed will be disqualified as well I wanna keep it fair guys
    -Prizes will be given to racers that place from 1st to 5th place
    -You can not teleport or map to forward areas if you do so you will be disqualified
    -Racers will be invited into raid groups so overwatchers (the refs) can see where you are on the map fail to comply to join the raid of a overwatcher will not allow you to enter the race. Overwatchers will be in the kinship of Heroes of Valar. (The name of the overwatchers will be given later on today or tomorrow)
    -Placement Roaster will be said (like whos in 1st,2nd,3rd etc.) on channel Race, If you wish to join this channel type in, "/joinchannelrace"
    -There will be a max of 3 raids each group with 12 people if you do not show up for the next 30secs you will be disqualified
    -Levels from 20+ are allowed to enter the race!

    If you have any questions about the race or concerns about the rules leave a reply below or send me a letter in the game!

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    POSTPONED! Till 10/4/2014

    The Race has been made to be this Saturday same time but different location. This time its from West Bree Town Gate to Thorins Hall Front Gate! Same rules are applied!



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