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    Connection failed: server full

    Connection failed: server full? Really?! How full is the server. I have had this message today now three times and yesterday once.

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    Gladden is probably the recommended server this weekend. Try playing on a different server.
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    I wouldn't do that as I have been happy where I am for two years now. Yes Gladden has been the recommended server for some time now at least I think so, as we have had streams of new players coming in each day. So when people mention server merges on the forum, oh please no! I think you would have a very difficult time to get to your chars if servers fill up that fast. Just switching recommended servers to the ones that are undercrowded would work just fine

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    I am getting this as well on Gladden although logging to a different server worked fine.

    Found a post in the help files mentioning this may be an issue with maintenance and all we can do is post here to let them know it is a problem and hope it gets fixed soon.
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    server full

    I'm getting the same message as well. Hope it's fixed soon!

    EDIT: I was just able to login. 9:10 AM ET
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    for crying out loud

    i only have 1-2 days a week to play if I am lucky and I've been trying to login over and over. server full message. drive me crazy.

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    Is everyone back in now? I still can't get into Gladden.
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    I still can't get in. It started for me 30 minutes ago

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    I still can't log on either. Started for me an hour ago. I was on most the night no problem but then logged off and now can't log back on.
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    Connection failed: server full

    I'd been able to log in to server until now. even I am VIP, I can't be able to get in to server and having this error...

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    I can't get logged in either :/ Like it was mentioned earlier I too only have 1 or 2 days a week to play this and I was really looking forward to it, but it seems to be full :/ They should really direct new players to some of the lesser played servers because I tried to get on a different server but I would have to start my character completely over! I have spent a long time getting out of the lower levels and would really like to keep it that way...

    If they don't fix it soon is there a way to keep my current character and move to another less crowded server without spending money?

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    Old thread same problem

    Not sure if I should have started a new thread since it seems there hasn't been a problem logging on for awhile since this one was was created. But since I saw someone else posted today I figured I would too. I have been getting the server full message all day and am not sure if there is a better way to make sure the devs know, other than posting on here. I'm pretty sure gladden has been the recommended server for quite a while now and it seems we cannot handle any more hobbits moving into the shire for the time being. pretty upset since I just spent a substantial amount of tp last night and now can't log on to use the items I bought. Hope we get the problem remedied soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XIXMrs_CobbXIX View Post

    If they don't fix it soon is there a way to keep my current character and move to another less crowded server without spending money?
    unfortunately not. The only way to transfer a character to another server is by paying Turbine a transfer fee of $25. This is probably a good thing considering that if you could just switch anytime an issue came up with a server, half the community would just leave rather than wait for the issue to be resolved. Which would lead to even more problems on even more servers and would defeat the purpose of making the original one the recommended server.

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    I am also having the same server full problem. However as i am fairly new to LOTRO i will not use another server to play the game as like so many others i should not be forced to login to a different server that has none of my characters. Sure i could make a new character and plod on but thats not the point.
    I have left a message on the LOTRO facebook page too, please get this problem solved.

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    Still waiting Oct 13

    Oct 13 PST 12:35pm "Server Full" Really???? Tried to logon three times, let's hope this gets fixed asap. Any update anywhere?

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    Oct13 Fixed?

    Update-logged in now and it worked. Not sure if it was fixed or some hiccup. Hope everyone else can login in too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cocopanda View Post
    Update-logged in now and it worked. Not sure if it was fixed or some hiccup. Hope everyone else can login in too.
    This is the default message when your client cant reach turbine servers, for w/e reason. Generally a hiccup in the network line. All you can do is try again. The server is by no means full its just a default message.
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    Having the same issue. Although I'm premium atm and not VIP, does that make a difference?
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    Tried again just a few minutes ago and still no luck :/ Guess I'll work on some homework for now but I'm hoping this gets fixed soon or I'm going to run out of other things to do...



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