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    The Final Symphony

    What can I say! Our last raid on Sunday and the server was all about lag and them it crashed! We were done with RoR! Monday was supposed to be HD release!

    For our lucky, they changed the day of the release to Wednesday and we decided to give it one more try! IT WAS OUR DESTINY!

    My brothers. I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me. A day may come when the courage of our RAIDERS fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day. An hour of wolves and shattered shields when the Age of the RAIDERS comes crashing down, but it is not this day! This day we fight! By all that you hold dear on this good earth, I bid you stand, LETS GIVE IT ONE MORE TRY!

    On our last try, on the last moments WE GOT IT!

    One more time I have no words to thanks the team that was there! BE PROUD! WE GOT IT ALL: SMAUG T2 CHALLENGE, EREBOR T2 CHALLENGE and FLIGHT T2 CHALLENGE!

    The time of the raiders in LOTRO is over! Time to go to Grey Havens and take the boat! We shall leave middle earth to it fate!

    We go with the felling that we completed our mission! We did all challenges that the game had to offer! We are in a place where just a few players stand!

    Was an amazing 3 years journey that could not end in a better way! For you that stay, I wish all the best and keep having fun!

    Special thanks to Travorn, Jacco, Uki, Shae that victory is also yours! We would never EVER get it done without all the time you all gave to the team!

    Chily as I told you! THANKS A LOT AGAIN for SUPORTING THE RAID! You said I could count on you and you were there by my side when I needed you the most!

    Athearen and Oaceen just one of those EPIC couples! Was a pleasure having you both around! NICE PEOPLE EPIC PLAYERS! You just can’t ask for more!

    Jacco you were not there BUT was an honor having you in our raids. One of the best players I ever met! Smart, precise and mistakes free! Most complete Burg I ever saw!

    Galahan the LM, one of the last to join WE GOT THIS RAID TEAM and now I consider you one of the best member we have! YOU ARE JUST EPICH! LOVE YOU MAN! WE DID IT!

    Asdari thanks for saving our lives so many times during all those years! Thank you so much! Thanks for finding the time to be here with us all this time! I know how hard were for you sometimes but you always made it just in time! RK healer I have just one name = ASDARI!

    Amenra our brave Warden thanks for coming back to the game just to give us a hand! I shall not forget that! You were that key players we were missing and you saved the day!

    Peri , what can say to you! Peri the best players in every class ever! THANKS FOR THE AEO TRANNING lol! Thanks for your commitment all that time and your sharp advices on moments of need! Thanks for being our brave tank and always be there to take the hits for us! You are just one of a kind player!

    Bladzer thanks so much man! Your where there from day one! Thanks for the trust and the adventures we shared in this game together! You just rock! A friend that I will take for life!

    Allais that only exists because a lovely person took the time to create such a wonderful hunter! Berry was playing the account but it was only possible because Allais was created with much love by YOU! THANK YOU FOR THE FUN WE HAD IN THIS GAME TOGETHER! I WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO MAKE THIS FAR WITHOUT YOU!

    Berry you saved us! Thanks for waking up 6am in the morning to raid! You are just EPIC! No words to thank you for being there! THANK YOU!

    Nim my incredible hunter! Always gave you the hardest job because I always knew you could handle it! Thanks a lot for being there and making the difference in every run. YOU DO MAKE THE DIFERENCE! By the way, I can answer yours famous question now! YEAP YOU CAN START DPSING NOW!

    Travorn old-school, you have been around for long time! Was an honor and a pleasure to join forces with you again! Outstanding player , any time for you! Sad you could not make our final raid but that victory is yours too!

    FAVIR of the many classes, FAVIR the WISE! FAVIR my dear friend, my dear counselor... If we got this far is because you helped me holding my “sheet” together all this time! FOR YOU AND YOU ONLY I bow my head! You know all we have being throw all those years! So no need to put it in words!

    That is just a few names that were on my late story in game but I would like to THANKS every single players that EVER joined one of my runs! During those 3 long years. I had so many people around. So if you ever raided with me, does not matter what, THANKS A LOT! Every raid helped me improve or helped the team to get better. So you all a part of this victory too… AND I MEAN EVERY ONE!

    3 Years of hardcore raiding don’t pass without a lot of drama so I would like to use this special moment to leave any apologies needed too! Sorry for being kind crazy some times lol !


    Retired Hardcore Raid Leader - WE GOT THIS Kin ( All challenges in game completed )
    R.I.P - 2009-2013

    Flight T2 Challenge: Picture link: http://oi44.tinypic.com/2ezpppw.jpg - http://i41.tinypic.com/2u5doc6.jpg

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    We did it!!!! Was awesome, thanks for the fun you guys <3 Well done to everyone for sticking with it ^_^
    Berryx - Rank 15 - Meneldor

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    Yay!!!! I am still so excited we were victorious! Thanks so much Utleth for allowing me to join up and defeat Flight with you. Episch.
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    You know you're going to have to un-retire when they bring back raids for future content that doesn't involve massive scale battles, right?
    Willdin (Burg) Lvl 85, Ashaburn (Guard) Lvl 85, Bendderr (Champion) Lvl 85, Adanarr (Captain) Lvl 85

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    Congrats to Utleth and friends for completing Flight Challenge. Must have taken quite a few attempts what with all the lag.

    However, raiding is not dead yet. You will have to do all of these raids again at challenge at 95, especially with the class changes, will make things much different. Not to mention there's the challenge of getting a platinum rating on the Deeping Wall raid in Helm's Deep.

    Still though, congrats!

    Eodread, Earendel, Lindrial, Isilmacil - Horizon

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmash View Post
    You know you're going to have to un-retire when they bring back raids for future content that doesn't involve massive scale battles, right?
    The official word from Sapience is there are no more raids, Big Battles are the present and future.

    @ utleth, you've come a long way from exploiting Draigoch, or have you?

    Doesn't matter, real raiding stopped with OD.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gladgilrian View Post
    Doesn't matter, real raiding stopped with OD.
    This, exactly...

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    Congrats everyone.
    “A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities.” -???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gladgilrian View Post
    Doesn't matter, real raiding stopped with OD.
    Quote Originally Posted by drmahodi View Post
    This, exactly...
    ToO came later in the RoI expansion than it should have, but it was every bit (and more) a real, progressive, traditional raid cluster. The Erebor stuff lacked depth and the Devs certainly mailed that one in, but claiming ToO wasn't a legitimate cluster on par with OD/BG/DN/Rift just isn't remotely true.
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