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    [LANDROVAL] Winter Celebration and Talent Contest - Saturday Dec 14 at 2:00pm ST

    Join us for the Winter Celebration at Windy Acres Ranch!

    The pre-show festivities will start with a mounted holiday parade,
    beginning at the Prancing Pony at 2pm. Ride to the ranch in style!

    The main event will be held at 9 Chestnut Street, Raglan, Bree-land homesteads
    on Saturday, December 14th at 2:30pm /servertime (Eastern US)

    We will have a talent show, audience participation games and holiday music by Breakfast Club and Les Chantefables!
    The first-place prize for the talent show is 1,600 Turbine points and 25 gold.
    Second place has a prize of 20 gold and the third place winner receives 10 gold, plus a holiday mug or sparkler.
    The audience votes for the winners. Invite your friends and kin-mates!
    There will also be sparklers, holiday mugs and other goodies given away as door prizes.

    Wear your best winter outfit. Bring fireworks. Ale and pipe-weed will be provided.
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    Id love to attend to this! Is it still going to happen?

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    Talent Show Rules

    In a talent show, a contestant wins by entertaining the crowd and earning their votes. This can be done by playing music, reciting a poem, doing a skit, telling jokes, dancing, performing magic tricks, or anything else that is family-friendly.

    • Sign-up by contacting Kiralynn before the event begins. Only a limited number of sign-ups will be accepted, plus alternates.
    • You must only take the stage when your name is called by the host. If you are not ready to take the stage, you will be disqualified and an alternate will be called up instead.
    • You have 3 minutes on stage to perform. If you don’t exit the stage when your time is up, you will be disqualified. (If there are few constants, everyone will be given 5 minutes.)
    • You can do any type of family-friendly (PG) performance. Vulgar language and offensive topics are not allowed.
    • If several people perform as a group, they must tell the host ahead of time which of them will receive the prize.
    • Any sort of unsportsmanlike behavior (such as spamming during another person’s act) will result in disqualification and your vote will not count.
    • At the end, each participant and member of the audience can cast one vote for the winner. You can vote for yourself.

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    Calling all bands!

    If you would like to perform holiday music at the Winter Celebration after the talent show, please contact Kiralynn in-game or via email (kiralynn@roll3d6.com). Thanks!
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    This sounds like fun. I hope I can make it! I have a question though. Do you have to perform for the full three minutes?

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    Interested in the talent contest but not sure where to begin? Here’s a guide to help you get started!

    How Do I Perform?
    That is entirely up to you. There are many different popular types of performance, including stand-up comedy, short skit, music, poem recital, magic show, and group dance. We’ve even had a winner perform a circus act!

    How Long Does It Need To Be?
    Between one and three minutes works best. Be careful that you don’t run over the allotted time. Try to have additional material ready in case you’re given extra time.

    Does It Need To Be Complicated?
    Not at all! People have won talent shows just by telling great Lord of the Rings themed jokes.

    What Makes An Act Stand Out?
    Plan your act in advance. Wear an outfit that goes with your act. Carry appropriate cosmetic items. If you’re not playing music, make sure to use emotes so that you aren’t just standing still on stage the entire time. You can replace the default text of emotes by typing after them, for example: “/wave greets everyone in the audience.” Stand near the front edge of the stage so that everyone can see and hear you. Bow or otherwise thank the audience before you leave the stage.

    What Should I Avoid?
    Be ready to start the moment you step up onto the stage -- don’t make the audience wait. If you are going to speak much text, use LotroPad or another method to cut/paste your text into the chat window. This will allow you to check spelling and grammar ahead of time and keep the performance flowing smoothly. If you make a mistake, don’t freak out, it happens to the best of us. Try to recover gracefully and continue your act. Don’t use adult language or material, since this is a family-friendly show.

    What About The Music Bug?
    It’s true that the music bug may prevent some people from hearing the music that you play. A song with lyrics is still enjoyable to people in the audience who aren’t hearing the sound.

    What About The /Say Bug?
    Consider using both /say and /regional to announce your text. The Lyrical and LotroPad plugins can make this much easier, but any method of cutting and pasting text will do. (In my experience, most people in the audience will be able to hear you if you only use /say.)

    How Do I Sign Up?
    Send a /tell to Kiralynn any time after 1:30pm on the day of the event. She will announce the list of people signed up before the event begins. If you don’t see your name on the list, send her another /tell. If more than one person will be part of the act, let her know who should receive any prizes.

    How Will I Know When To Perform?
    Kiralynn will call each contestant up onto the stage, one at a time. If you would like to perform earlier or later in the line-up, let her know when you sign up. You can’t choose a specific position, but she can bump you up or down a bit on the list. (If several people ask to go first or last, they will be grouped at the beginning or end, respectively.)
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    Les Chantefables has joined the music line-up! We'll see you this Saturday at the ranch!
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    On Saturday, a crowd of nearly fifty people gathered at Windy Acres Ranch for a talent contest and winter celebration. Thirteen contestants lined up for a chance to entertain the crowd and earn their votes. The cold winter night was full of anticipation!

    The event began with an equestrian parade, guiding guests to the ranch from the Prancing Pony. Almost fifty riders joined the procession on beautiful steeds. The variety of festive winter clothing was amazing. Residents of Bree stared in awe as the group rode by.

    The sky threatened rain but the weather held as the group made their way across the scenic countryside. The ride to Windy Acres Ranch in the Raglan neighborhood was pleasant. The sounds of hooves on cobblestone and jingling tack could be heard for miles.

    The riders arrived at the ranch and celebrated with fireworks. The sun went down behind a thick bank of storm clouds and a chill wind began to blow, so the group made their way indoors. Visitors found banquet tables of fine ale, pipe-weed, pies and other fancy foods waiting for them, thanks to the expert cooks of the Lonely Mountain Band.
    --= Windy Acres Ranch -- http://SteelAndMagic.com =--

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    Once the crowd had settled, the talent contest began. Addoc started off the show with a joke about a dwarf trying his hand at ice fishing. Kyrweth suffered a bout of stage fright, so Kikilaa took the stage to play “We Wish You A Merry Yulefest”. Desspereaux played a lovely song about two young sisters and their spirit friends of the forest. Adonas played “Consider Yourself”. Louellana took the stage with a band of hobbits to play a rousing song. Dallofin told the story of Rindercella, followed by jokes from Bluecup. Mithrilfist entertained the crowd with an audience participation story called “A Miracle in the Barrow Downs”. Larkfeather shared winter humor and Estelali sang a ballad of travel and adventure. Kaleigh played a harp and sang about heroes of the Shire. Dallarien wrapped up the show with a song about true love, parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.

    The audience danced during the musical performances with amazing skill.

    Finally, it was time for the audience to vote for the winners. Addoc received an honorable mention for his humorous performance. Mithrilfist won 10 gold and a festive holiday mug for third place. Kaleigh came in second, winning 20 gold and a holiday mug. Louellana was voted the audience favorite, winning 1,600 Turbine Points, 25 gold and a sprig of holly. The crowd cheered and threw flower petals as the prizes were awarded.

    The next event was a winter trivia contest. Kiralynn asked the crowd a series of twelve questions, each one more difficult than the last. The first people to shout out the correct answer earned points. Lhinnthel earned an honorable mention. Elevenses came in third and won a festive holiday mug. Tinylea was quite clever and won second place, earning a holiday mug. Gingerbreadlass proved to be the master of winter trivia and was awarded a rare Steed of the First Marshal.

    Breakfast Club took the stage and kicked off the party with a perfect assortment of holiday music. The audience danced enthusiastically and cups of strong alcoholic beverages were passed around. The hall was filled with joy.

    Les Chantefables played an amazing concert to a wildly inebriated crowd. Their matching holiday outfits were adorable. The collection of traditional songs made everyone appreciate time spent with friends and family.

    Click here to view the full set of event photos.

    Finally the party came to an end. Many thanks to generous Banders who donated tasty food and fun fireworks. Sincere thanks to Breakfast Club and Les Chantefables for bringing true holiday spirit to the event. The next Windy Acres event takes place on January 18th during Winterstock. Get ready for the Blue Mountain Classic race at Thorin’s Hall, followed by a mounted winter-themed fashion contest.

    Happy holidays! May you have health and happiness in abundance!
    --= Windy Acres Ranch -- http://SteelAndMagic.com =--



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