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    Smile Any christian kinships on Meneldor?

    Howdy I was just curious if there are any christian kinships on meneldor?

    Most i am aware of seem to be on landroval (sp?), just curious if any were on this server
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    Who's Andy Christian?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GothicMage View Post
    Who's Andy Christian?
    currently burgling

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    Hey man, i am! my main character is Malthuin. Cya!

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    Yes. Dark Impulse. Send Starkurm a tell.
    Ukrush | Meneldor | Dark Impulse

    The immersion is too real.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GothicMage View Post
    Who's Andy Christian?
    gah i hate auto correct, Andy is a character from my novel, and often gets inserted for any.lol

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    Never thought I'd see a question like this. I'd like to know that too. lol There are a few Christian players on Meneldor (including myself) but I have not heard of a Kinship with just Christians. So there are Christian Kinships on Landroval?

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    The Servants of the Word made Flesh is a good Christian kin. Also, the Minions of Middle Earth. Bekurnades is the leader of the Minions, and Bromwyneth is the leader of the Servants.

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    thanks for the reply, I should have updated this

    I am Bromwyneth thanks for the kind words about the kin and our friends the minions

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    Hey Brom! This is Buck

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    Our kin isn't christian, but they all respect each other. I've never heard a single bad thing come from chat there either. Shoot me a message ingame and I'll invite you to DumbleDore's Army!



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