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Thread: Top kins

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    Top kins

    The list goes

    1)The Northern Kingdom
    These guys will help with any need and will try to keep everyone active and happy.

    2)Hunters Of Mirkwood
    Havent seen much activity with out of kin stuff but...they have lods of members.

    3)Council Of Elders
    These guys are a raid/instance master group....make sure you hook up with them as well in moors.

    They have Lots Of very high end players.

    Leave any hints below

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    Jul 2011
    Maryland, United States of America
    I appreciate you selecting my kinship as one of the top kinships (in your opinion). Though probably not based on actual data, it is nice to hear of such things from individuals.

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    Top Kins

    As much as it is good that you are doing this but what actually defines a top kin for you?

    Is it kins with lots of members, kins with good pvp members, the top pve kins? I can see this is a good thing you are trying to do but its all really opinion based.

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    I'd agree that Intensity is a top kin, if not THE top kin.
    Rank 10 Hunter, Rank 9 Warleader, Rank 8 Weaver, Rank 7 Reaver, Rank 6 Guardian, Rank 6 Warg, Rank 5 Lore-master, Rank 5 Blackarrow, Rank 4 Champion, Rank 3 Reaver, Rank 2 Rune-keeper, just to name a few.

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    Wow no mention of the noobs here? One of the finest ,most respected kins on the server.



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