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    the pit of iron BUGS

    no quest indicators ( ring/zones ) on the map and not even the red arrow, to show where the toon is in this maze.

    this is in the gap of rohan

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    Quote Originally Posted by goldensilence View Post
    Well, yes. But I have the feeling that the OP was complaining not about the quest "The Pit of Iron" itself,
    which completes when you find the Pit, but all the quests inside it, which involve killing Orcs and goblins
    and glow-worms, oh my, caring for and eventually rescuing enslaved Rohirrim and Dunlendings (who don't
    trust each other, let alone you), and stuff.

    I did those quests shortly after they opened on my two top characters. I've forgotten a lot about them
    by now. My next character is about to try it, so I'd like a clarification from the OP, if my feeling (vide
    supra) is wrong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Diopse View Post
    no quest indicators ( ring/zones ) on the map and not even the red arrow, to show where the toon is in this maze.

    this is in the gap of rohan
    Be glad there is a map..there wasn't at launch of the pit, be glad you don't fall through all of the tracks..you did at launch.

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    The broken quest indicators and map in that area have been broken so long, and so egregiously, I wonder if it's in some brain-dead way "working as intended". The easy solution for it, sadly, is don't do those quests. There's enough content to level past them without doing them. And after suffering through them, I didn't see a single thing interesting, unique, lore-rich, or significant about them, nothing to miss.

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    While it is not an optimal solution, the Lua plugin MoorMap has had an interior map for the Pit of Iron since even before Turbine supported one (the original MoorMap map for the Pit of Iron was a terrain style map but it currently uses the Turbine supplied parchment style map). All of the relevant mobs/npcs are marked on the MoorMap map and the character position marker should be functional (it's been a while since I tested it in there) although it requires the user to click the Character Position Button (or enter the /loc chat command manually) to refresh the character position/heading (position and heading are not programmatically available to Lua).


    with the last release, a global search function was added to make it easier to find NPCs/mobs/annotations, even in the Pit of Iron.
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    I will always have incredibly fond memories of the pit of iron, and falling through the tracks, and... wait. Who am I kidding. It was terrible at launch, and every time I go through there I still shudder.
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    There wasn't a map at launch. Turbine decided to add one after many complaints were received. You can't see where you are on the map when you enter, you just have to figure it out for yourself. It's not a bug, just challenging, problem is if you want to complete Heathfells Quest line ( I think it is) you have no choice but to go there and say hello to Ondor

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