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Thread: Farmer outfit

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    Farmer outfit

    I want to put together a farmer's outfit. I have a cook outfit - chef's apron, cook's trappings, oven mitts...

    But I have no idea what would be good for a farmer, beyond the Sun Hat.

    Any suggestions?

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    The Mathom house sells pitchforks, have your farmer carry one of those.
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    You could always go with the farmer's faire clothing. There are gardener's gloves, boots, apron, and hat - and a farmer's faire body outfit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by redgold9 View Post
    The Mathom house sells pitchforks, have your farmer carry one of those.
    The Mathom House also sells spades and frying pans.

    Farmer outfit...
    I'd imagine a farmer would have relatively simple, plain clothes. Maybe even worn, tattered... something that one wouldn't mind being soiled or torn.

    Going strictly by cosmetics, you might like to consider
    * Common shirt and pants (outfitters)
    * Common Dress (longsleeved version at outfitters)
    * Thatcher's Shirt, though it's a single piece, too...(Skirmish)
    * Herdsman's Waistcoat and Shirt (Skirmish)
    * Washday Dress (Skirmish)
    * Shabby Dress (Winter Festival quest reward)
    * Common Waistcoat (Store/Gift box)

    There are a number of pieces via questing that crafting that could work, too...
    Like the general Dunland quest reward light pants. Or any lower tier Tailor made shirts and pants.

    Check out the AH, too. Especially the Outfit and Light Armour sections: you could get lucky and find pieces of a good outfit there.



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