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RoR was pushed back 6 weeks because it really wasn't ready to go.

HD is being pushed back two days because of the power outage and hard dropping the servers.

The former was--theoretically--under Turbine's control and their "fault". The later is neither, but is a very good idea. Indeed, I hope Turbine takes even more time before the HD launch if that's what it takes to be sure the servers and all data are in good states.

I would guess that if they have to push out the launch past Wednesday, the earliest new date that will be set will be 2 December.
Technically HD isn't ready either though. DEVilled_Egg hasn't finished at least two classes, and promised they'd be "done" in 12.1, so Warden and, I believe Minstrel? I forget if it was Mini or RK, are releasing broken due to time constraints.

I still laughed at the OP though. I'd love it if they'd leave the classes alone, at least until they can finish them instead of releasing things half-done with promises of future updates to "eventually" fix what they broke in the first place.