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    Red face Seeking a Heavy/Med RP and Raiding Kinship

    Salutations fellow adventurers!

    My name is Samantha, I am 21 and I hail from the GMT +2 Timezone. I can play anywhere between 4 - 20 hours weekly.

    I know this server has many RP kins, but I am looking specifically for a kin that not only RP's, but also does a lot of raiding and instancing. Are there any out there?

    Here is some info about me. I will keep this to the point:

    Main Characters:

    Fainauriel Adlanniel (Elf, Hunter)
    Alessia (Human, Warden)
    Woden (Dwarf, RK)
    Rosetta (Hobbit, Minstrel)

    Thinking about starting up a Burglar and Guardian soon


    Hardcore Roleplaying - been roleplaying on forums and playing tabletop dungeons & dragons for 7+ years. RP'd in LOTRO for around 1 year.
    Hardcore Raider and Team Leader - I like group activities and I especially love the teamwork, concentration and focus involved in raiding. I am not however a power gamer. Raiding for me has to be done over weekends as I do have full-time weekday commitments, family, studies and a job.

    I absolutely love playing in a group! Always up for instancing and organising kinship events! I am normally an officer or admin of some sort as I tend to get very involved. I am also all for sharing and trading within the kin - I like to craft purely to help other people out.

    MMO games I've played:

    Guild Wars 2
    League of Legends

    Why kinships should be interested in you. What do you offer kinships?:

    Extremely friendly, bubbly and sociable! - I am a very helpful person and I love to just jump in and help whenever. I am dedicated, responsible and organised. I have initiative and drive. Whilst I may start out as just a recruit, I am always willing to step up and be an officer as I willingly love to help, guide, train and lead others - whether it be in a social event, or an instance or raid. I am also very diplomatic, I can diffuse tricky situations. However whilst happy in a leadership position, I am just as happy just being a normal member! I get to just be a happy soldier participating in kin events and I am cool with that also.

    Experience - I am not new to LOTRO or MMO game mechanics. I know my way around fellowship manuevers, voice chat and all of the classes. I played LOTRO up until the lvl 75 cap, stopped for a bit and now I am back. I only need to catch up on the new content and updates. I am a previous kin leader and have led raids in the past.
    I am also a very experienced roleplayer in terms of character creation and ideas. Whilst my LOTR Lore is scratchy - I am a friend of reading and am reading up on my Tolkien Lore as you read this. I can quickly adapt to anything and I learn very fast. Throw anything at me and I am good to go.

    What kind of kinship you are looking for.:

    Looking for a Heavy/Med RP and Raiding Kinship with a mature, friendly and sociable atmosphere.


    I see there are a lot of posts in this forum from people looking for kinships on this server. Wouldn't it be advisable for the forum mods or someone to create a [Sticky] called "Looking for a kin? Post here" Thread? Just to clean up all the random posts? Was not sure if I had any authority to go making one of these threads myself and call on a mod to sticky it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fainauriel View Post
    Salutations fellow adventurers!

    I see there are a lot of posts in this forum from people looking for kinships on this server. Wouldn't it be advisable for the forum mods or someone to create a [Sticky] called "Looking for a kin? Post here" Thread? Just to clean up all the random posts? Was not sure if I had any authority to go making one of these threads myself and call on a mod to sticky it.

    Hello Samantha

    Welcome to the game by the way You seems like a great recruit!
    I know there is quite a few mixed Kin out there that do a little bit of this and that with common respect for eachother playerstyle.

    This are a few Kins that pops up in my mind that I know have existed for many years, and seems fairly active and are quite established..
    E Voronwe
    Western Alliance
    The Oaks
    The Shadows (my own Kin, not lot of members though. But part of a alliance with Oaks)
    Order of The Divine Brew (not sure how much raid they do though)

    I know there used to be a Sticky thread regards to Kinship recruitments. I am not sure why they removed it. perhaps I look at wrong place
    Is a jungle out there of different kind of Kinships and is not easy to search for correct ones when there is not gathered together in one specific Topic.

    hopefully you get more response, otherwise I see a lot og recruments posts in OOC channel ingame

    Achazia Songweaver
    Songwriter in The Shades. Listen to my music at Soundcloud and Radio Rivendell
    Contributor at Lotro Players
    The Shadows

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    Your dwarf can join the dwarf RP community, which is one of the greatest experiences one can delve into here on Laurelin.

    We, the kinship of Durin's Folk, are a heavy RP kinship with IC kinchat and the rules that are neccessary for keeping the environment suitable for RP. As the name implies, we are a Dwarven Hall located at Thorin's Hall. We have both military and civil sides. The military side is structured under the Warmaster while the civil side is busy with merriment events and regular gatherings. We are very keen on lore.

    We have events and activities for all levels. There are also many end-game RPers here who love instancing and raiding.

    Please do visit our website: http://durinsfolk.shivtr.com/

    And a forum post which provides further information: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...f-only-RP-kin)

    My character is a domestic lady dwarf who looks after the young warriors and makes herself busy with the comings and goings of the daily life around the caverns. Do not take that easily, it is very busy these days! Yes, we encourge dwarf women RP, too. Here is my blog which gives only very brief information on the subject: http://kveltrildamberbraid.wordpress.com/

    Please do not hesitate to find us in the game.

    Tonight at 10 PM your time we will be having our weekly Ales, Tales and Riddles gathering at our kinhall. Please send a tell to me for instructions.

    Mother Kveltrild Amberbraid of Durin's Folk
    Zai Dashunizu (At your service)

    Just a side note here: You have come to our server recently, therefore I have to share a warning here. Please be wary of miserable loner creepers who will stick to your characters, and later your self just because you are a young lady. This has been my experience so far, please be careful of those stalkers/stickers/goodness knows whats. There are a lot of them in RP environments and anytime I start to chat with an experienced RPer woman I hear the same story. Do not let them stick to you OOCly.

    With all my experience and trust, the dwarf RP community is just very decent at all aspects. It is made of experienced role players with deep knowledge of Tolkien books and deep interest in the Middle Earth. I am very happy, thankful and a little bit proud of being a part of the dwarf RP community.
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