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    Greetings... We're looking for a home

    There were two... over time there were many... We have grown from a single Hunter/Guardian team into a group of unlikely friends.
    OOC: two of us. Quite a few characters. We have created characters of nearly all Classes and crafting professions and races.
    Lulu is relatively new to LOTRO - I introduced her to the game approximately 6 months ago and she loves it.
    I am not new to LOTRO, but created a new set of characters here on Laurelin so that she and I can develop together.
    We are not roleplayers, per-se, but we are interested in some light role-playing on occasion.
    We do not follow a militaristic regimen, so count that out totally.
    We have never done a 6-man instance (I have, but I'll speak for our chars here on Laurelin)... Small groups tend to fit our playstyle best.

    We are looking to join an active, Casual, mostly social Kinship. We do not seek handouts for we craft our own items. We are willing to help others in need, of course. We have charqacters of all classes and races, so we seek a kinship that welcomes diversity.

    As for ages.. we are both well over the average age of... well, everyone.

    We seek social activites, companions to quest with on occasion, as well as developing real friendships that last.

    We do not hop from kinship to kinship, but alas, the leader of our current (very small) kinship has deleted his characters and decided to head for the Grey Havens.

    So if you would like to talk to us, please send us an email or reply here.



    (and others).

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    The first Kin that comes to mind that would suit you is : Order of Divine Brew. The person you could talk to Grymrock.
    Is a very social/friendly and quite active Kin with mature players. The minimun age to join is 25
    My impression is that is a quite mixed Kin with Roleplayers and people that like to quest/do instances. With lots of respect for eachotehrs playerstyle

    Good luck finding a lovely Kin

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    A really nice introduction and I do wish you the best of luck in finding a kinship which suits you both. In my first year on Laurelin I discovered a kinship called The Silver Blades they had some lovely members and they are still around today.
    If you are seeking a little role play then I would suggest a look at the Laurelin Archives, it's worth taking a look just to see how creative the role players on this server can be.

    I wish you good hunting .



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