Hey guys,

I've always had hopes for Turbine making EM competitive in stead of zerg. They have failed to do so for 6 years now so it's time to try and show some initiative. Here's my idea.

We'll set up a competitive league for 6v6. This will be comparable to other games, in whole other genres, like Call of Duty, where certain weapons, kill streaks and maps are prohibited because they make matches unbalances.

People can sign up a team in a different thread if this thread gets enough attention. We'll hold "League Play" matches every month or every other months or so or just when the leader of one team challenges the other.

General rules will be set up such as no usage of the 1 hour CD racials for Freeps or outcombat rezzing. All we can do is trust on the willingness of both teams to try play fair and with as few things the other side can not have such as store buffs (I know everyone can get them, but not everyone will) or macro's.

When one side notices they annihilate the opposing team, maybe they can consider in the rematch to not use certain CDs they did use in previous fight.

I think this can be an interesting concept.