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    Trouble Logging In

    so...i was able to login until the character screen and get stuck at loading screen. anyone else having trouble?
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    Having the same issue. I can't log-in any character that is located in Bree, the loading screen won't progess. Have tried 5 different characters. Any character not located in Bree can log-in. I don't have this problem on the other servers.

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    Having the same problem

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    My guardian took a ride to Bree and I lost connection just as I was entering the west gate. Looks like Bree is a no go.

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    Same problems here.

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    likewise, its my character that is in bree that wont load

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    Same here. 2 characters tried to return to Bree. Both times I lost connection to the server. Now I can't log in to either of them. I hope this is being looked into.

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    Same problem

    I am having the same issue with my toons located in Bree. I also got a long loading issue and then disconnect when I attempted to enter/swift travel into Rivendell.

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    Same here. Was able to log in on my LM a few hours ago and got booted during travel to bree, haven't been able to log in on it since.

    The Dwarrowdelf, Meneldor, Nimrodel, and Riddermark servers will be brought down at 6:00 PM (-5 GMT) for a restart. Thanks for your patience, and we'll see you back in the game soon!
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    Fixed, I'm on now! =D
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    I still cannot log in alt in Bree

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    We'll be bouncing the world at 6:00 PM Eastern. We'll announce when the world is back here.
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