Howdy yall, just coming to this as me and a buddy recently got the steely dawn starter pack and figure what the hell ill give it a shot, seems fun enough from the little i've tried over the years. Well he is pretty set on trying out Captain so he is good, i am more focused on my planned path as it is easily "sub optimal" but im wondering if it is a lost cause or close enough for government work ;-). I am a fairly well versed MMO vet having played most of the bigger named MMO's out there enough to know what i like, but i am still what you would call a "casual" in the sense that i could really care less about min / max builds, being top dog in end game raids, etc. and have a preference for running what i find cool as long as it isnt a complete waste of time.

Well with that introduction out of the way i plan on playing a Human guardian focusing on the two handed club as i may be one of the few folks who thinks clubs are cool weapons especially when so few games have them as an option in comparison to the more common maces / hammers, and i personally always go two handed because i just could never stand sword and board style. Just curious if while not being the most optimal way to play my class it will still be viable enough to remain fun and not spend more time doing corpse runs than i would actually playing the game XD as for race while i realize Hobbits gain a damage bonus to my weapon of choice, well... i could never play one of the buggers. Never liked them and im not even sure why :-p

Many thanks to any vets who could chime in on their opinion, and i hope my post was coherent enough that it is understandable as its late and i wanted to get this off before bed