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    Best server to choose for new player?

    Hi, I just barely finished downloading the game and I'm not sure which server I should choose. I would like to choose the most recently added one so that people are not years ahead of me. I tried looking on google but only threads I found are from 2012.

    So I guess my question is, what server was the most recently added?

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    The top server You have in server list, before you have logged in game, will be one recommended by Turbine for new players, so it will have most of people logging in game for first time.

    I believe its Evernight for now.
    Thank you, Turbine, for listening and giving us an opt-out of FE! Good work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firewires View Post
    So I guess my question is, what server was the most recently added?
    LotRO has only added servers once, in 2010 when the game went Free to Play. Those are Crickhollow, Riddermark, Imladris, and one more that I forget. All the other servers were started in 2007 with the original game.

    Some servers were moved from the control of Codemasters in Europe to Turbine's direct control in 2011. They still have plenty of characters that have been with the game since the start, so they don't count as a new server for your purposes. Evernight is one of them.

    So basically you're not finding this info because there aren't any "new" servers for your purposes. However, starting on the recommended server (Evernight right now) is the best way to meet the most new folks just starting out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shukar View Post
    and one more that I forget.
    Everyone forgets Dwarrowdelf
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    Personally I can't think of a more warm welcome to the game than Landrovale, which is probably the most musically inclined server.



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