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    Epic Battles Help

    So as someone who hasn't played LotRO in awhile, I've been reading a lot of information on the expansion and seen the general player dissatisfaction with the class traits, etc. I decided to pre-order anyway since the Epic Battle system interested me, but I didn't want to have to re-learn a high level character with all of the changes. So I had prepped a level 10 Champion before the expansion launch, and hopped into Epic Battles live last night.

    Okay, either I'm the worst gamer ever, or this whole "get into the action at level 10" thing is actually impossible. My Champion hits for roughly 5% per hit on mobs, and runs out of power immediately. Am I missing something? Probably. Any help would be appreciated before I decide the expansion is maybe not for me. I have a limited amount of time to play due to my job, and I was hoping to level up in the new system (I got maybe 1/3'd of my level after 30 minutes in a battle I alt+tabbed out of).

    If anyone has suggestions, do let me know! I would like to enjoy the content if it turns out I'm just being stupid and doing it wrong. Very possible.

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    You are not missing anything. Epic battles take a small amount of time to get a feel for what you should be doing. As a lower level player you will not be as powerful as say a level 85 player scaled upto 95. YOu should be able to complete the epic battles though but maybe instead of trying to fight the mobs directly you will have a better time of it if you operate a ballista or catapult. This is not as much fun but will hopefuly improve your odds of getting a better result.

    The scaling does not seem to work in perhaps the way you might expect also if you have gear on that is below your level then you will not be scaled up as much as you could be. This point was raised in a dev diary about big battles i beleave.

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    It is doable with a little planning and practice.

    Your virtues will scale up to level 14 and you can get some to help with power, but when my characters were level 10 they usually didn't have many earned. Get rank 1 in the ones you want and equip them so they can make use of the scaling.

    Level 10 and under gear will scale up in damage and stats decently well, but a lot of the level 10 gear doesn't have much to work with.

    A helmet with 50 armor will scale up to like 500 armor. A helmet with 50 armor and 5 might will scale up to like 500 armor and 50 might, so try to grab some with bonuses the scaling can make use of. Try to find a weapon that isn't common type damage too, there are quite a few level 14 weapons out there that are fire or light damage.

    Still you are not going to be a god and you can't be everywhere, so do what you can to help out besides just fighting. You can have a commander buff and heal the soldiers once a minute, so a basic plan to get some victories under your belt is to help fight or use a siege weapon for about a minute, heal and buff a unit, then fight or fire at another position and heal them, then get back to the 1st unit who could use some healing or help by now, repeat.

    Get some battle promotions and you can get better at the support tasks. The vanguard battle promotions will be best if you want to fight in the thick of it, but in my experience they don't help as much when you only have a few points to spend. I get a few levels as an engineer then respec to vangaurd when more of the abilities are available.

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    Thanks for the tips! I'll give it another go for sure.



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