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    I want to apologize

    In hindsight with a 20/20 view, I know it was a stupid thing to do, but when I did it, I had no thought that it would affect so many.

    The whole stuff started with me being close to rank 12 and that dafro and Rustynailz told me that when I get 2000 left, they would log in and help me. It melted my little heart that they thought it was so important, so I happily accepted it, but they took with them people Like Easymoding, Ez and Deathdealer and after just 30 minutes, the awesomeness of the Black Blade destroyed the Servers.

    I should have known that too many Black Blade is too much for the game to handle, I did not think it through.

    So I am very sorry for the servers being down. I will try not to rank in the near future.

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    I believe this is my favorite post on these forums. Ever.

    How did I get here?

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    [Gosh darn] Black Blade, always ruining everything!

    Oh, and thanks for leaving me out! ./pout
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