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    Grats OVERLORD Hellnakh !!! Awesome Rank 14 Warleader.

    Grats to one of my best friends in the game who always is top-notch quality. Your dedication is amazing in getting rank before Helm's Deep. Please stick around!!!

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    GRATZ OVERLORD HELZ!!! To one of my all-time favorite WL's as well as glad to run with you over the past 6 years! Glad to be in raid with you when you made the R14 Milestone!!! ./HUG

    CHUMBO - Rank 12 - Malevolent Warg of Brandywine!

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    Grats Hellnakh! You've been an important part of our Creep community through good and bad times, and you've prevented countless greenies from ever getting their Lumbercamp Maps by hogging all the wood.

    I hope you stick around in some fashion, as we'd all miss you shouting, kb stealing and occasionally healing someone (Screenshot or it never happened).

    Here's hoping we can duo charge into a few more raids before you hang up the loin cloth for good.

    Even my Signature is trolling!

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    Awesome Warleader! Grats on rank Hell
    Pullout - Reading Rainbow - Somalii

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    wow, much congratulation.
    Gandolfien - Acta Non Verba

    Achmetha/Yewl - Stainless

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    Congrats Hell. Have a screenshot lying somewhere of an SoA r5 uruk group led by you. Been a long road.

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    I am NOT a waste of a bubble!

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    Congratulations Hellnakh

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    Congratulations, the old group fights we'd have years ago stand out still as some of the most fun I've had here.
    There may come a time for valor without renown, for those without swords may surely still die upon them.

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    grats hellsbells

    i still remember the first time i saw you. your helped me kill an. you cursed out other people for taking it from us before we could tag it. and i thought "now here is a warleader i can get behind, oh wow there is a great view back here also! she must work out?!?"

    i hope to see you lots this book. your a great person to have around. onward to rank 15.
    burtnakh of Elendilmir"Freeps I hate you all, your very presence in the Moors sickens me."

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    Congrats Hellnakh! We still have a long way to go

    Original Challenger of the Abyss



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