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Thread: Macros!

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    So, I saw some OOC post that correctly noted that i use macros for my ridiculous amount of swaps, so I decided to make an instructional video for everyone who is curious how I do things since HD is so close and will lock swapping of armour and jewels. Enjoy!

    *edit* for some reason link didn't work so here'sto ctrl+c/v http://youtu.be/mW5m-8jif8g
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    Funny that wardien was your opponent in a video about not using macros

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spider29 View Post
    Funny that wardien was your opponent in a video about not using macros
    eh. tbh haven't seen anything that really makes me think that named person might use macros, but i have proof for yay nor nay, so w/e

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    huh? so people think I use macro?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wretchesandkings View Post
    huh? so people think I use macro?
    Its ok,Shag thinks I use macros too.

    @Thorfie, haterz gonna hate!

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    Don't need macros when u have 15 extra buttons on your mouse yo.
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    Anything that helps players become better is good. Personally, I've never used macros, buffbars etc. I also never play 9 pin no tap in bowling and sure as hell do not consider a mulligan proper in golf. Each to their own, it's like having the best gear but having no job, don't expect any applause.

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    I think i like thie change. Anything that makess my life easier and the rules more clear is cool.

    Also, sometimes i dream of having a mouse.

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