A few years ago when I used to play LoTR a lot, I would constantly be running instances and raids, all day everyday.
Whether It was with my kin or just keeping an eye on pugs in GLFF, there was hardly a moment in game,That I wasn't
in a group instance.
Now after recently coming back to the game, I leveled my champ to 85 and I want to run raids and instances again,
But I have no idea where to start... I opened up the instance finder and was overwhelmed seeing so many choices,
And not knowing which ones I should grind.
I've been keeping an eye on GLFF and was surprised to see nothing but people taking about all kinds of non game related
Things.... And the occasional lfm Sammy.
I'm assuming that Sammy means great barrows sambrog??? Why are people only running this instance nowadays?
What happened to the helegrod runs, the carn dum deed runs, the north cotton 3mans, the moria deed runs, the watcher...
Are people not interested in these instances anymore?

What are the more popular instances to run nowadays and why?