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    2 pendings on HD expansion purchase

    Just now I used a recent Visa gift card to buy the HD expansion.
    On my first attempt it said "Could not save card information."
    So I reentered the info in case I typed something wrong, but I got the same response.
    It occurred to me though that the card might not be fully activated yet, since on the card itself it says it can take up to 24 hours, and it had been less than 1 hour.
    The problem is that on the card info page, it says I now have 2 pending charges from Turbine for that subscription. Obviously, I don't need two on the same account, so what should I do?
    Do I need to contact someone? Will it sort itself out?

    Thanks for any help.

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    The pending charges are Turbine's test to verify that the card is good. That money will be released in a few days. Many people encounter this issue when buying fuel at a gas station. On insertion the station will apply a 50 or 100 hold on the card. You buy 20 dollars worth of fuel. It may take several days to get access to the unused 30 or 80 dollars. This situation can be a real problem for a card with only few dollars behind it.

    Another issue with the test charges is when you keep trying to apply the card. Your bank will see multiple charges. In some cases, a fraud lock out on the card will be applied.
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    Well, it's not the waiting part I'm worried about. I don't mind a few days if that how long it takes.
    It's that, if both these go through, I'll be charged twice for the HD expansion. That's the part I'm concerned about.

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    Contact Turbine Account Support.

    If they can't help you directly then they should be able to advise you on the best way to proceed.



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