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    What happened to the Lost Alliance kinship?


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    Lost Alliance, they do seem to be lost.

    Quote Originally Posted by Solarcon View Post
    I have just come back after a long break from LOTRO and wanted to get back in touch with Nesty and the gang, only to find out my universe has disappeared like a badly ending sci fi series. I typically used my Hunter named Jeofrey, around 45th, and a couple of others as alts. Currently looking high and low and no sign can be found, I am not happy. ### were they thinking of eradicating all those servers? A had characters on a few of them.

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    Captain Eodenwen Reporting IN!

    I know this is a necro-post. Just in case any other LA'er or friend of LA'ers are or will be looking. This is the Captain Eodenwen, of the Lost Alliance. I am just starting back after a long break. I like you, ended up coming back to find Vilya no more. I decided to pop on to Landroval since I have always been bit of a RP-er at heart. I am still in contact with several other old LA'ers if you'd like to get in touch (Most not playing the game but still happy to help make contact for you). Since I need to re-learn the ropes I will be on some low level characters for a while. Feel free to hit me up on here or in game (I'll pop in on Captain E to check her mail from time to time.) Again sorry for res'ing this old post, still thought it best to answer.

    Captain Eodenwen of Rohan
    formarliy of Vilya now of Landroval

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    Are out characters on those servers gone? Anyway to port them over to new server?



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