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    Post The Weekly Nimro | Issue 1 | 15/11/2013

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to the very first serious weekly newsletter. These news posts will contain information about events happening within the Nimrodel server, with some other bits and bobs.

    Willynilli hits Rank 12

    Well done my son, you amongst many others within our ranks make me proud to fight a common enemy.
    Too bad the DPS of five rank 12 reavers will never be able to overcome the amount of heals a minstrel can provide to himself or an ally.

    Freep's Wood Rises Fast

    Guybrushfreepwood managed to successfully achieve levels 1 through to 85 within 5 days. With no gear, no traits and no soul left to support him in the moors, i still say he is the best Warden on Nimrodel to ever enter the Ettenmoors. He belongs in a true home of incurable tyrants and kings.

    Global Population Record

    The chat channel 'gllff' recently had over 16 players within it at once, with an average of 7 within the last year. This recent increase in population within the Nimrodel server may be the cause of recent 'reduced awareness' issues happening throughout Middle-Earth. Sadly with more chatter, Mirkovic still manages to do nothing but attempt to find his Ninja friend whilst trying to use the English language

    Short Legs, Long Strides

    The one Runekeeper we all know and love , Grom, managed to escape the heat of battle whilst fighting in the Ettenmoors leaving his allies to fall in the fray. this is not a first, it is a regular occurrence seeing the dwarf before the battle, during the battle but as soon as things turn sour, it seems as if he has the hunter skill 'Desperate Flight'. Before it was updated to only work out of combat.
    Forward he cries, from the rear, and the front ranks die.

    War-tyrant Akúlhun needs Aid

    Sadly, the Commander of the Forces in Gramsfoot has suffered from a fatal colon disorder due to the rising chills this winter. He only has a few more days to live and is looking for any creep classed as a War-Leader or Defiler to actually heal him. I wonder, what goes through their minds? An ally is falling either beside them or directly in front of them yet they do not muster up the intellect to cast a heal. I'm sure on the great tyrant's death bed we would wish that Gethro was there to replace all the poor excuses of healers within our ranks.

    In all honesty, no, not every creep healer does a bad job. However, if you are sitting and thinking 'is he talking about me?' then yes, you are one those poor excuses of a creep.


    Sadly with the dying forums of Nimrodel, trying to create more articles on Nimrodel's happenings is more difficult than originally anticipated. If you have anything you would like me to change, correct or remove along with any other feedback please send an in-game mail to Seamonkey, son of Flanker, son of Calenhand. I will be looking for more things to write about on issue 2. If you see anything worth mentioning let the lord among you hear it.

    Want me to advertise your kinship or send a message? send 5g and some love to Seamonkey along with any text you would like me to post.
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