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    To answer the original question, yes the game can be completely free to play.

    Practically all aspects of the game, including expansion and quest packs, in game features, etc., can be purchased with Turbine Points. Turbine Points can be acquired without limit through game play. You can get TP on different servers and different characters, and they are pooled together. Expansion and quest packs need only be purchased once and apply to all characters on all servers.

    So if you create (and, if necessary delete and recreate) enough characters on enough servers and play enough time, you can have enough TP for anything in the store.

    That being said, your gameplay experience won't be as good as if you started out buying the expansions and becoming VIP. Swift travel is (for me) the most important feature I miss when I'm not VIP. There are probably others, but most things VIPs get can be bought with TP.

    I started and played almost 6 months as f2p, and still have f2p accounts for crafting alts that I use with no trouble. But my time is worth something, so after spending a few hundred hours playing, I decided it was worth it to become VIP. I don't spend many TP on other things, so I've saved enough monthly TP being VIP to buy HD.

    I spend more on drinks and snacks consumed while playing than I do on the game itself. The great thing is that you can get well into the game to see if you like it before you have to spend money. Later, you can decide based on your playing style how much to invest (in grinding time or cash) in the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yawumpus View Post
    You get 6000 TP/year and TP rains down all the time (especially if leveling low alts). Some costs:

    Eriador bundle pack (4000TP)
    two more character slots (1000TP)
    all skirmishes (~1300TP)
    high level quest packs (~3000TP)

    [Expansions aren't included as both types of players need to buy them]

    After a year or two of subscribing (one if you need those extra character slots), you should be able to go completely premium. Don't blame Turbine if spent all your TP to pay-to-win (or buying horses that could be earned in festivals).
    You missed Relic Removal Scrolls for 3 tunes (x4, for each line legendary weapon, if you dont make any changes to the original and are not max level and need more for growing), buying RoR (9 months of TP) and Wildermore with TP, the enhancements that went with the expansion pre-order (extra bag slot is all I can remember atm), etc. I think that is all I have bought thru Turbine store since RoR came out.All to set your points back to zero every year. Not exactly Pay to Win, as you put it.

    In the mean time, for $40 less, a Premium player can get Helm's Deep AND be given 4 months of TP.


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