Just placing this "anti-suggestion" here, hoping it will never find it's way into LOTRO.

The primairy objective of this thread is to kill the horse and have it buried the very ill-omened day it was born. We shall not necro. We shall not post new threads about a topic that has been discussed to death before. Hear hear and in before the lock.

The secondairy objective of this thread is to inform LOTRO's devs about my opinion of the concept of a Ranger-wraith.

No Ranger-wraiths in LOTRO as a class. Unless the class comes with an Undead Professor Nemesis that "grows with you" and ganks the joy out of you every 5 minutes while corpsecamping you as a fly would a fresh steaming pile of dung.

I could use up a lot moar chars but I think I've made my .