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    Journey to the Westemnet in a 3-day Server-wide Epic Event!

    Join the Tenth Eored as it begins its return journey home to Hornburg!

    Raids, non-Raid Offensives, Globe-trots and Socials are included as part of this 3-day sequential, story-driven journey, which ends just hours before the Helm's Deep release. It all begins THIS FRIDAY, November 15th at 7:00 PM EST/servertime with a social at Bree's Hunting Lodge, serving as a tribute to the Tenth Eored kinship and Rohirric culture.

    Become a part of this role-playing adventure! Bring your family, your friends, fellow kinship members, and all those who appreciate role-playing here on Riddermark. GET YOUR RP ON!

    Keep up with the story and events through daily "newspaper" articles on Riddermark Role Playing Alliance's website: http://riddermark.lotrosites.com (no worries, membership NOT required).

    EXCERPT from Haysward Press article:

    "...With the recent completion of the Haysward Tournament, the Tenth Eored has its sights set on returning to their homeland in the Westemnet. The Tenth received word that several eoreds in the Westemnet Eohere will be rallying at Hornburg to address the defense of the Westfold...

    ...Haysward will be hosting a farewell gathering in honour of the Tenth Eored this Friday, November 15, 7:00 PM at Bree’s Hunting Lodge. Following an evening of fellowship, drinking, feasting and music, the Tenth will depart at first light to seek scouting reports from the Rangers encamped at Harndirion in Enedwaith..."

    *** Due to region level-design, nearly all combat-related events are level 70+ ... All are eligible for Globe-trots and Socials ***
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    Great Times, Great Fun

    I have been joining in on these story based epics for about a month an a half. We have met up with a number of people that we have had a lot of fun in the game with. From instances, skirms, exploring and a whole host of social type events the activities have been greatly varied. It has been a blast spending time with this group.

    I would encourage anyone that is looking to make some good friends in-game to come and join us. Everyone has been very respectful. I play with my family and have found this group to be family oriented. So if you are looking for a good group to hang out with come and be part of the fun we would really enjoy having you.

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    I've enjoyed doing the role playing epic's, doing stuff with friends and meeting new people and I hope we have more!

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    This first night was fun. The music that was played was pretty neat and all of us thundering across Middle Earth on our horse was absolutely awesome. It was really neat to see and hear all those horses and riders riding to Enedwaith. We had a really good group and it was nice to meet some new friends and see some old ones as well. Looking forward to what we will be doing on the next phase of our journey to Helm's Deep.

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    Thank you so much for starting the RP epics. I started a couple of months ago and found RP to be fun. It was a blast tonight! There were so many others that joined us on the ride from Bree to Enedwaith. Meeting new people, starting an orchestra, joining in raids. Galangar has done a great job of organizing and leading us on these adventures through Middle Earth. Keep up the great work!!!

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    Peckish couldn't make it last night.

    He is devastated as he was looking forward to your fine victuals for weeks!

    I hope to join you for the events today and tonight though... and I hope there are left over victuals from last night as well.
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    We have missed Peckish too. He is always great fun to have around. I try to keep a little something for him to eat with me so he doesn't have to go hungry during our activities.



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