Hello everyone,

Returning RK here looking to test the new (and old) endgame comming in helm's deep
I know that there are quite a few pugs running on the server, and a great community of players running different content.

Unfortunately I live in europe, and have had a hard time finding a group of players raiding or playing on the same time frame as I live in.

The kinship that I am part of is a nice small familly kinship, but with no specific raiding commitment, and unfortunately (for me)
all the members live in the USA.

So I was wondering if there where any european guilds or group of raiders on the server looking for more members? or perhaps
a "merc" to hop in every once in a while to fill in gaps?

I've mainly raided as a healer, and mostly enjoy that style of gameplay, but I can DPS just as well if needs be.

In any case thanks in advance for any repplies, and have fun!