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    Question New class Sudjestions

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could give me insight on which class would suit me in the Ettenmoors. I'm tired of always being the front line fodder in the free class (reaver)
    So I'm considering buying a new creep class that will help me survive in the moors and one that is more fun. I am thinking of a class that is both fun and most able to last in 1vs1 and group battles. A great bonus would be either ranged combat or support skills to assist the battlefield as a whole. The bonus however is not as important as basically not being a total wimp at least when you get a bit of rank.

    Please post your suggestions and input or even tell me simply about your class and why you like/dislike it.
    Thank you!

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    Id suggest a weaver as they have a lot of the things you seem to be after.

    - they attack from range
    - good up close.
    - got good dots.
    - decent direct damage. (not the best but usefull)
    - The toxic carapace (Reflect 100% of damage for 5 seconds, gets 2 seconds more for each venom pip (max 15 seconds)

    for the support part, they can:
    - Mezz
    - Stun
    - Start Warband manouvers
    - Slow
    - Debuff
    - Refill groups power (high rank/trait)
    - Fear target

    They got great survivability too, as they can heal up 1/3 to 1/2 of their morale with pet and/or a racial skill

    a few perks you get at a higher rank:
    - no fall injuries. (race trait)
    - a bit higher movement speed than most other creeps. (race trait)
    - pretty good migitation (race trait)

    and things of interest:
    - Lie in wait (skill) lets you burrow underground for ca. 15 min. great for ambushes.
    - Can last long in combat if you know what you are doing, great for 1v1 and groups.
    - trapdoor sanctuary (skill) can't be hit by direct damage, dot's can still hurt you though. (high rank class trait makes this skill refill 2% of your morale every second)
    - Latent poison (delayed stun) can be used on a mini trying to play dead, leading to easy kill as they can't heal when stunned.

    also try ask some who plays this class about it, might give more information.
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    I'd suggest Blackarrow or Weaver, as the above poster has already done. If you don't like being in the front line with the melees, then you want to go ranged.
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    Thumbs up

    Thanks, will do!



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