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    Congrats Commander Kratai!!

    Grats Krat, long time coming but nice you finally got there! Nice guy, great and reliable wl, gl to r12! - maybe sometime in 2015?
    Akrorgash - r11 reaver // Morakh - r8 wl // Tyrakh r6 ba // Silthus r8 Defi // Rawrik r6 neglected warg // ----- Withywindle

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    GZ, all you need is lessons from one epic wl now XD
    [b][center]LUTZ THE GOD of Whitywindle[/center][/b]

    [center]Z fanboi[/center]

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    Grats Kratai. Well deserved!!!
    'In the moment when I truly understand my enemy, understand him well enough to defeat him, then in that very moment I also love him.'

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    Gratz Kratai!

    Hope we can have some nice spars when HD comes live if the game will be more balanced
    Naius - Burglar of Withywindle

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    Gzz there Krat..I dont really like your playstyle sometimes but you try a lot for the server and its always nice to see ppl from this server to rank anyway..See you soon :P

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    South Africa
    Gz Kratai. Best WL I played against in this Expansion GL with next rank
    E-strolling must be made in South Africa.

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    Well deserved. Keep going Kratai.

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    gratz mate! i still remember you when i played my warg...really enjoyed it
    well done and well deserved, good luck with next rank!
    [center][color=red][size=3]all chars kinda retired, not playin anymore[/size][/color][/center]
    [center]out of date but too bored to change it[/center]

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    Prague, Czech Republic
    Ephel Duath !!!!
    Gz Kratai !

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    Good going, mate, always a pleasure to fight at your side... when you are online, the creeps tend to succeed, and in my opinion, that is about the highest honour a creep can receive.

    -- Bralg
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    I see dead freeple...

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    Czech Republic
    Congrats Krat!

    One my favourite maggots Now come for r12!

    P.S. Bralg described it well

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    Well done Kratai, one of the best WL's on Withy (: keep healing that reavers a**.
    REAVER [color=purple]Kakauete[/color] ::: [color=purple]R13[/color] BLACKARROW [color=purple]Kakadush[/color] ::: [color=purple]R13[/color] WARG [color=green]Kamikazze[/color] ::: [color=green]R11[/color] DEFILER [color=green]Kamolas[/color] ::: [color=green]R10[/color] WEAVER [color=greensoft]Kammi[/color] ::: [color=greensoft]R9[/color] WARLEADER [color=blue]Kabanga[/color] ::: [color=blue]R8[/color]

    GUARDIAN [color=green]SANTAREM[/color] ::: [color=green]R11[/color]

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    Congrats kratai , always fun to play against you.GL with next rank/s!

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    Gz to you Kratai.

    Well deserved and now try to get to r12



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